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   water purifier, it originated in Britain in the early 19th century. Compared to other countries, China water purifier industry started relatively late, around only experienced three decades of time. Today, the penetration rate in some developed countries such as Britain, the United States, France, water purifier market has been as high as 80%, while my countrys water purifier market penetration rate is only about 6%.

   It is because of the low penetration rate, so it means that China water purifier industry is a "sunrise industry", is in its infancy stage. And in recent years, with the rapid development of my countrys economy, water resources further environmental damage, and virtually pushing forward the water purification industry. I have to say, as fast as the speed of the water governance damaged when the water purifier is the fastest, most effective and most economical way of water treatment. So, the future of water purification industry what is it?


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   improve peoples living standards, but also to promote net one potential factor in the development of the water heater industry. Since Chinas reform and opening up, the process of urbanization has continued to move forward. Increase and improve the overall quality of the peoples income levels, so that more and more people have to buy water purifier consciousness. They not only pay attention to the quality of life, and more and more focus on health and concerned about their health, so this is the third favorable factor in the development of an industry purification.

   low penetration rate, accelerated deterioration of water resources, improving peoples living standards and so on, these are the future prospects for the development of water purification industry "signal." Before a trade is not yet saturated, if just to find multiple factors pushing it forward, then it represents the industry there are many places that can be developed, there are also worthy people to expect profit value space, that is, water purification experts predict that China is the one hundred billion water purifier market.

   difficult to find in recent years, domestic water purifier manufacturers more and more, there are about 4,000. In addition to some big brands, small brands many fish and disturbed the water purifier market. For lack of overall strength of the manufacturers, not only difficult to guarantee their product quality, after-sales service is not in place, causing some consumers a lot of misconceptions about water purifiers, hindering the pace of development and order water purification industry.

   However, survival of the fittest, not those out. This sentence also applies to competition in the market water purification industry. Pescod water purifierFrom the research and production of each part, to the sale and installation service, every aspect very carefully, in the industry brand influence far-reaching, with strong market competitiveness and innovative spirit of scientific research.

   purifier, to a certain stage, or usher "shuffling." Survival of the fittest will be the final conclusion, only manufacturers comprehensive strength, brand influence far-reaching, innovative and strong, invincible in the future of water purifier industry, in the fierce and brutal competition.

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