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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, home water purifier national wealth summit pleasure, you witness the power "situation will be" together; clean water source water purifier investment to build Zhuhai first buried sewage treatment plant commissioning. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (9.5-9.11) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   home joy water purifier national wealth summit with you to witness the power "situation will be" with

   In September 20, health advocates drinking water purification Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Dulux home in 2016, "the general trend, the net to win the world" National wealth Summit will be held in Vienna international hotel Guigang, dealers and media guests from outside the industry and across the country We will participate in the summit. Important as the home of Lays brand strategy to upgrade the year, the summit will be with you to discuss "platform and value" and to "technology + services" as the driving force of innovation in China. [Click for more]

   clean water source water purifier investment to build Zhuhai first buried sewage treatment plant commissioning

   Recently, the clean water source investment and construction of Zhuhai City, the first buried sewage treatment plant - Hill before the sewage treatment plant has been officially put into trial operation. As a former key projects in Zhuhai City, mountains and rivers watershed comprehensive environmental upgrade project, the former Hill sewage treatment plant a total investment of 520 million yuan, MBR membrane water treatment technology to clean water sources as the core technology, using buried plant design, the first phase of the sewage treatment scale up to 10 tons. [Click for more]

   Rongshida water purifier conclude a cooperation with India in New Delhi settled drinking water equipment

   Rongshida water industry company delegation stay a week in New Delhi, India, with Delhi Public Affairs Committee of the Organization It represents the depth of communication and negotiation. The Indian side expressed appreciation to the delegation Rongshida professional attitude and cutting-edge design concepts, expressed satisfaction with the level of R & D and product sale Rongshida water quality machines. After the talks, the two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention, and signed a cooperation agreement. India recently invited the delegation to China Rongshida should be detailed consultation and cooperation matters. [Click for more]

   2375 Angel water purification artifact rejection "disease from the mouth"

   In recent years, local people by drinking occursThe accidents are common. Life residents mainly divided into domestic water to drink boiled water and drinking bottled water. While boiling water to kill bacteria and viruses in the high temperature portion of the non, but some can not filter tap water such as arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium and other harmful substances, and chlorine. The higher the price of bottled water, and contains minerals and trace elements necessary for the body, but accidents still occur. [Click for more]

   water industry, "the concept of" multi-product quality needs to pay attention to

   gradually increasing urban pollution, make healthful people gradually began to be concerned about it, fine water purification products from home appliances sub-industry come to the fore, has become in recent years, household appliance market, "Hong steamed bun." However, the water purifier brand variety, rich style, function is described hype, let the water purifier market appear disorganized, and such a market situation still can not stop the enthusiasm of consumers. [Click for more]

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