Redstar won the -70th anniversary of e founding of New China

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   October 15, by the CCTV-1 "power brands develop mind" (referred to as the great powers brand) and the China Advertising Association jointly sponsored the "70th anniversary of the founding of new China Brand Summit" held in Beijing. Summit to "pay tribute to the era, to pay tribute to the future" as the theme, in the new China was founded 70 anniversary of background, sums up the past 70 years of reform and highly innovative, trend of our stand head and play a leading role in Chinas economy excellent brand.

   Macalline impressively.

   with this honor as well as Huawei, Erie, Hainan Airlines and other well-known enterprises.



chairman Macalline build a new car field took the "70th anniversary of the founding of New China 70 brand" trophy

   scene, chairman Macalline Build a new car personally took the symbol of the "70th anniversary of the founding of New China 70 brands," the honorary trophy, with close to a hundred outstanding entrepreneurs sing aloud together, "I and my motherland", to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of founding of new China.

   arduous final National Cheng Kung University. 70th anniversary of founding of new China, the pace of development Meikailong keeping with the times, leading the wave of economic development, Chinas first home shopping chain model characteristics, Xianxingpeifu whims and create a precedent for the industry, selected Harvard Business School business case ......

   Redstar 33 years to set up, build a new car always adhere to the innovation and ingenuity of the "spirit of Luban," continue to play a leading role in the brand, create Chinese brand image, enhance national self-confidence, highlighting the brands mission to China and play. Development



build a new car with outstanding entrepreneurs with soulful chorus of "Me and My Motherland"

   in 33 years, has grown Meikailong as the leading home decor and furniture store operators, is Chinas domestic retail industry first a + H shares, as of June 30, 2019, the company operating the self-employed, including 84 shopping centers, 231 shopping malls, including the committee pipe 386 home building materials shop / industry Street. Redstar run self-appointed malls and shopping centers tube, covering 200 cities nationwide, operating a total area of 鈥嬧€?9.97 million square meters. The companys total assets reached 118.273 billion yuan, net assets owned by the parent reached 43.443 billion yuan.

   word of mouth national distribution network, the high-end market positioning to achieve success,Marketing effectiveness and service innovation allows the company "Redstar" brand home decoration into one of the most influential and furniture industry brand in the minds of consumers enjoy a high brand recognition. At the same time, the companys strong brand influence, rich management experience and a nationwide distribution network system has a strong appeal for the strengthening of the brand in home decoration and furniture manufacturers.

   In todays global economic integration, the brand has become an important manifestation of the competitiveness of enterprises. With the rise of new economic powers, a brand as the cores high quality products and services, the development has arrived, the goal of shaping a world-class brand power of both companies, it is the task entrusted by the times.

   China ushered in a new seventieth anniversary of the founding of the moment, China is closer than any time in history, more confidence and ability to achieve the strategic objectives of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This also means that China will need to be able to demonstrate more national self-confidence than ever before, with the world situation of power brands.

  . "Great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is inseparable from the spirit of Luban" build a new car has repeatedly said, "As long as there is a person ingenuity and innovation, will be able to achieve great things; people have a business ingenuity and innovation this business will succeed; one country has the ingenuity and innovation, we will be able to thrive in this country. "

   in the future, Meikailong will always adhere to" enhance the Chinese peoples taste of home is. She added, "with more power brands together, and strive to become an important force in building the countrys image, with the strength to refresh the worlds perception of China, the achievements of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.

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