Why can not drink water yin and yg

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   often hear experts say drinking water yin and yang of good health, can detoxifies, but some experts say the yin and yang can not drink water, but also gives some reason, take a look below to follow the small series Why can not drink the water yin and yang, right?




in real life often come into contact with water yin and yang, for example, we have good air cooled boiled water added to it, which is the most common water yin and yang, yin and yang that drink this water body harmful? In fact, the yin and yang to drink this water is harmless, safe to drink. But not all are the yin and yang of water to drink, such as boiling water is added to the raw water inside, Now I see why they could not drink water, yin and yang, right?


known as yin and yang of water mixed water, i.e., cold water (cathode) and hot water (male) of the mixture. In real life, some impatient to achieve rapid lowering of the water temperature directly after mixing water and cold water to drink. In fact, drinking water yin and yang is a scientific approach (except cited Chinese medicine), as yin and yang water may contain various pathogenic microorganisms, the yin and yang of drinking water may cause a variety of intestinal diseases.


Chinese medicine and folk remedies or in water yin and yang is blindly medicine, where male and female especially cold water and well water and river water or combined water mixed together, adjusting drug mainly used to make medicine introduction or , rarely direct consumption, and very little amount (fuses), so there is no major impact on health.


We must remember that everything has its good and bad aspects, we need to have a sense of proportion, to master a question of degree. Grasp the degree, it would be beneficial to the body; and too much then, it will harm the body. Chinese medicine believes that the best drinking water yin and yang of the human body. Yin and yang water which name sounds iffy, in fact, in everyday life, it is easy to ordinary water into water yin and yang. Xiao Bian teach you as long as his head automatic night boiled water and let cool, after one night, the next day when the drink add a little hot water into the water is yin and yang. Because the hot water is positive, but the night chi master, let cool the water after a night of it there is a negative bias, and then against some hot water into the drink to become the yin and yang of water. The water itself has yin and yang properties. Chinese medicine believes that this water conditioning in the spleen and stomach, helps the body digest food, the treatment of abdominal distension.


household drinking water Tips: daily water intake for adults is 2.5 liters, which also includes the food intake of moisture. The excessive amount of drinking water for no health benefit, have kidneyDirty burden, even lead to water intoxication. Moreover, in salt water, yin and yang two and a half, which is obviously not scientific. Because the content of adult daily salt intake should be 6 grams, "two half" equivalent to 25 grams, which has far exceeded the sodium content of the human body needs daily. The long-term excessive salt intake causes increased blood pressure, but also directly damage blood vessels throughout the body, causing hardening of the arteries, leading to heart failure, cerebral infarction, renal failure and so on.




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