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   water purification industry Weekly News Jinji freshly baked! Review last week (23-29 April) water purifier big events: GWPS2018 global water purifier market grand opening of the summit, Chennai solid entered the Chinese whole house water purification independence from the third world, Ho Chak water purifier in hand Unicom Talk about consumption The new eco-upgrades, Sai Fuli debut Shandong international water Exhibition unlock a new era of water purification industry.

   GWPS 2018 grand opening of the summit, the global water purification market

   Over the years, behind the rapid development of the water industry, but there are raw materials cut-throat competition, low-cost, low-quality phenomenon, product quality is mixed, uneven, disputes between brands in product filtration also continue to smoke. Such a phenomenon and not the result of clean water each persons mind. For a better market environment, April 23, with "from the starting point to the next starting point" as the theme of the global market of water purification Summit Hotel Beijing Quintiles grand opening!


   [micro] assessment of the summit, focusing on the development status of global water purification market, based on domestic water quality, the advantages of breakdown products, consumer concerns and demands with products combined, enhance the user experience a sense of domestic water treatment technology and to explore the future direction of the market and water industry, water purification industry to lead the development of the new trend!

   Chennai solid into the whole house water purification independence from China third of the world

   April 25, 2018, organized by the Chinese water industry 道 empty net brand on tour Jinan Station, Germany Chennai solid for the field more than one hundred of water purification, air net, home building materials industry, distribution agents, showing the technical advantages Chennai solid whole house water purification, and the grand launch of a pure C models can solve the difficulties of the two major industry waterplane.


   [micro comment] Chennai solid with the worlds leading filtering technology and industry-leading level of water quality testing, and to focus the needs of consumers pain points ", is undoubtedly the net water industry to inject new vitality!

   Ho Chak water purifier in hand Unicom Talk about consumption in new ecological

   April 26, 2018, the "new big ecological cooperation were brilliant," China Unicom Partner Conference held in Chongqing. China Unicom, China Unicom opened a new terminal crowdfunding 5.0, joint upstream and downstream industry chain to build the whole eco-mode of cooperation and "big platform" mode. Focusing on building the whole category, the whole industry chain, the wholeChain of ecological events ecology. , Ho Chak water purifier to establish and maintain good relations of cooperation with China Unicom through this platform.


   [micro] commentary while water purifier market growing, more and more service issues need attention. The hand, Hao Ze rely on China Unicom smart things, realize Ho Chak cloud water purifier machine condition monitoring, and to connect with "Cloud Services" and provide after-sales service alerts, open new ecological consumption upgrade.

   Sai Fuli debut Shandong International Water Exhibition unlock a new era of water industry

   April 26th to 28th, 20th Shandong International Water Exhibition, and the Second National water industry the whole industry chain of the General Assembly held in Jinan international convention and Exhibition Center. The event invited a water industry expert, quality inspection, health inspection and other functional departments attended, to discuss about the water purification technology, water the whole industrial chain-related content, to seek opportunities for cooperation and development. Taihang source Shield as a co-sponsor of the General Assembly, Ms. Wei Tian Yan, chairman of the Assembly presented a speech; opinions were related to the development of water purification industry companies Mr. Yao Wei, executive vice president at the conference, and the presence of companies introduced a whole house water purification sterilization Lingchuang person - Sai Fuli sterilization purifier features and prospects.


   [micro] comment moment, serious water pollution, drinking water health concern, as the Taihang Sai Fuli source Shield launched photocatalytic water brand new product for health water and struggling to move forward, committed to serving the life science and technology, the establishment of a higher quality of life for the people.


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