The arrival of summer and how much water to drink baby dnk w

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summer baby how much water to drink every day? In the heat of summer, for the activity and metabolism are a lot of infants and young children, add enough water is very important, oh. However, my mother did not know how many baby water to drink every day, how to drink water only the most healthy, how to do it? Following small to support Weapon for you.


summer baby drink much water every day


in the neonatal period, the babys kidney development has not been perfect, a 20-ml can. With the growth of age, the amount of water should be increased accordingly. In general, breast-fed children need a relatively small amount of water, and drink milk child on water demand more. To a 1-year-old child activity volume, and this time, the child should be allowed to drink water at least three times a day, each about 100-200 ml of water. Dry weather and also a corresponding increase in the summer time. After a 1-year-old child on the water every day should be more than 500 milliliters.


Finally, look at the baby in principle to pay it.


principle baby summer drink


Many parents use a variety of novel expensive finished sweet juice, soft drinks or other beverages instead of drinking water to quench their thirst child, this is not appropriate. Beverage which contains a lot of sugar and more electrolyte, unlike plain water as soon leave the stomach after drink, but will stay a long time, have a negative stimulus to the stomach. Mineral water, mineral water and pure water mineral content because the problem is not recommended for babies to drink.


feed the baby with tap water boiled water is the best choice (preferably water purifier to the filter), cool to room temperature in summer, winter, can be 40 鈩? After cooling the cold water to a boil in 4-6 hours, both the adult and the baby are ideal drinking water.


freshly squeezed juice of 0-6 months baby stomach also have the burden, such as baby then bigger is better, eat puree made for him. If you let your baby occasionally taste freshly squeezed juices and the like, its best to use boiled water to dilute the drink. Baby drinking limit to be limited, so as not to affect appetite and feeding baby teeth.


Therefore, drinking water is the best baby summer drinks.



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