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   Many people know that drinking water can be yin and yang bowel thin, then after drinking water yin and yang can eat it? The following is a small series to introduce introduce this knowledge of it.




Water is the source of life, is to maintain the material necessary for normal physiological function, the body of scientific add water, can improve the immune system. However, there are still many consumers lack awareness of healthy drinking water, especially water yin and yang, yin and yang that water on the body harmful? Some experts say the yin and yang of water harmless, think that drinking water yin and yang can be thin beauty, the beauty can be thin since then drinking water yin and yang can eat it?


We all know that drinking water yin and yang have the effect of detoxification, beauty, and some people to lose weight drinking water yin and yang that after not eat, eat light of the fact there is no relationship.


Taoism in China, the yin and yang of water is typically used in Chuxie avoid magic, Yin Yang water can be divided into two categories, one is perennial water in the sun, the male part of the water; uncooked wells water, underground springs, where in the shade, it belongs to the cloudy water. The other is dedicated to the gods of water, but must be boiled, this water is called yang water; uncooked, people can drink well water, spring water called Yin, the same yin and yang water water ratio, mixed together, it is called yin and yang of water, if someone Zhanre the evil or bad things, yin and yang water can be treated.


health drink can you know? This is a simple regimen since ancient times. Traditional Chinese medicine confirmed that salt can go Fanre body, mind eyesight town efficacy Ning qi, to remove the hot food in the stomach caused by the group. Honey is a good natural supplements, to get rid of evil henchmen, Qi fill in the moist organs, spleen and nursed back to health, to dispel irritability. In other words, every morning after getting a cup of water yin and yang (yin and yang water but half of hot water, add half of the cold water, add a little salt), can help rule out a night of exhaust gas, and water for the money a long time ago approaching good fortune but also changing your luck and bring good strength; and a cup of honey water before going to sleep at night, can be nourishing blood, sickness increased longevity. Sooner or later nourish can achieve health and longevity effect. Yin and Yang morning drink light salt water late drink honey and water is worthwhile to promote health approach, its final aim is to clear the anger in the body, eliminating the thermal mass dispel a day diet. Drinking every day, raising the spleen nourishing the heart, soothe the nerves Ning Xu, promote sleep, improve immunity, so that the bodys natural health up.


Above is Xiaobian to introduce drinking water problem of yin and yang can not eat, we do not need to lose weight do not eat, the heart of beauty in everyone know, to lose weight but the premise is that we must ensure their own health, Xiao Bian think we need to learn some knowledge of small household drinking water, let the family to drink safe drinking water is the most important yet.




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