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   as to protect the health of people drinking the last barrier, home water purifier has become a very high utilization rate of household products. It can filter out harmful substances in water, such as rust, bacteria, viruses, etc., to protect the safety and health of people drinking.

   But you make it? Not use the water purifier can once and for all, a good grasp of many families because there is no time to replace the filter or forget to replace the filter, and let the water purifier to "water filter . "


   filter replacement is not timely, equal to the white water purifier installed!

   Perhaps you will find not timely replacement of filter does not have any major harm, but the fact that really the case? [ 123]

   after reading the above picture, you dare to look into the home that sets a long time n no filter replacement water purifier it?

   after water purifier filter reaches the end need to be replaced, so in order to ensure clean water filter, on the contrary, it will bring a lot of adverse effects.

   鈼?filter net effect weakened, affect human health: not only clogging of the filter effluent flow decreases, the filtering effect may also be reduced, resulting in clean water "clean" reduce the degree. Over time, it might turn some of the harmful impurities absorbed into the body.

   鈼?water purifier maintenance costs increase: For step by step filtration water purifier, if the first-stage filter clogging is not replaced, it will directly affect the second stage filter, just replace the original first-stage filter, and finally need to replace the second filter stage, double or more the cost burden;

   鈼?purifier shorten the life: as mentioned above, when all levels are affected by the filter life is shortened, the entire machine the run will become dull, the machine might soon "come to an end."

鍑€姘村櫒婊よ姱 If you can not move you to! Xiao Bian presented for your use of a filter pollutants interception of data.

   filter to effectively block the annual pollutant content (unit: mg / filter)

   Note: The above test data collected from Amway Corporation that have reached from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities An Liyi source of ultraviolet filter cartridge samples (over 5,000 liters of water filter or a year) and sent to Guangzhou, China, analysis and testing center for analysis of contaminants the filter sample.

   If you continue to use expired cartridges, how many pollutants into the drink? Simply can not bear to look ......

鍑€姘村櫒 When you find a home water purifier products in the following gun case, it is necessary to replace the filter in time:

   a greatly reduced amount of water or no water. Exclusion factor purifier failure, hydraulic leaks and the like, clogging of the filter main reasons affecting the amount of water. When intercepted large quantities of solid contaminants filter in which the filter element will be greatly reduced performance, can not meet the normal needs of the net filter;.

   2 near the water drops or taste, clarity decreased;

   [123 ] 3. use beyond the effective period specified by the manufacturer.

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