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  What are the hazards of drinking unclean water in the end there? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 261 Published: 2018-12-8 17:03:09 health is very important for everyone, want to live a "family sit, lights amiable" life, the most basic the first step must be to ensure that we easily with your fingers to unscrew the tap is safe, fundamentally up to solve the chances of reducing illness, reducing drinking water may bring about physical damage, drinking unclean water in the end what harm and net installation water has no use, if you can take preventive measures? According to incomplete statistics, 80% of the global burden of disease is due to contamination of drinking water caused by the worlds 50% of cancer related to unclean drinking water, while 50% of global deaths of children due to the contamination of drinking water caused. The UN says about 500 million people worldwide each year die from water-related diseases. In China, the health situation of urban residents and 60% of sickness and related water pollution, drinking unclean water has become the first major human health invisible killer! Water pollution will eventually affect human health and safety, and water pollution outside the human body will pollute the environment. At present, the main problem facing the Chinese big cities tap water is not filtered cleanliness of the slide, but the secondary pollution. Aged old network of pipes, roof water tanks, are likely to be a secondary source of contamination. So, are secondary sources of drinking contaminated water in their daily lives, which in the end will bring harm to the health of it? A drinking unclean water hazard: the occurrence of water as a medium of infectious human and animal feces and other biological contaminants in polluted water may cause bacterial intestinal infectious diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, enteritis, cholera and so on; the intestine common viruses such as polio class virus, Coxsackie virus, infectious hepatitis virus. Drinking unclean water hazards II: cause acute and chronic poisoning of water by toxic and hazardous chemicals after contamination, by drinking water or food chain they can cause poisoning. The famous Minamata disease, bitterly disease is caused by water pollution. Unclean drinking water three hazards: carcinogenic effect after some contaminated water, it may be suspended solids, sediment adsorption carcinogenic chemicals, may accumulate in the aquatic organisms, drinking water containing such substances, or edible vivo there are biological accumulation of these substances (such as fish) may cause cancer. Drinking unclean water endangering four: organ damage harmful substances in water may cause irreparable harm to the human body organsSuch as "Mercury" will hurt the kidneys, central nervous system, "chloroform" is often caused by bladder cancer, lead, selenium, arsenic and other will have different effects on the human body.

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