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2015鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊濂藉仛鍚?鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘鏉′欢鏈夊摢浜? width= 2015 water purification agents better to do good to do, we need to be analyzed from the following five aspects:?

1, consider the water purifier investment budget. Do anything, is the need to invest, water purification industry is no exception. The investment budget is from both economic and time considerations, have sufficient liquidity and time. If there is no money, no time, is difficult to do well. Join water purifier need to dedicate myself, this will be the largest harvest.

   2, the agent of the brand. Here, the brand is not the bigger the better choice of brands, often relatively large brand, agency costs will be high, and there are a lot of constraints. The beginning of the line water filter is recommended not to put too much money on brand choice, after all, a water purifier or in user acceptance stage slowly, many users will choose more in the end, cost-effective products. We recommend choosing a look to the sales potential of the best brands.

   3, the local market environment. Local market environment is not twelve be explained clearly, this requires investor-depth investigation. You can ask my friends to be interested in whether water purifiers, water purifiers local store to inquire about how the business.

   4, its business strategy. We met a lot of friends, just started doing water purifier is to open a shop keep business day. However, the effect is very unsatisfactory in many areas, the influence of the water purifier is not so much, the vast majority of users are only beginning to understand, investors need to take the initiative to find a variety of marketing channels, such as can take the initiative to contact relatives and friends, initiative to promote community, the initiative to contact the store to enter, more running office building.

   5, the support agent manufacturers. Many manufacturers of the agents only to the product, this is far from meeting the expectations of the agents. The principle of "long-term inter-win, create brilliant" for water purification agents are caregivers to address the agency required in order to better and more rapid development. First, water purification agents will have a detailed delivery plan, there will be a corresponding feedback detailed marketing strategies based on the agents market, perfect after-sale tracking service, timely delivery time, marketing training from time to time.

   water purification agents What are the conditions? This is a problem for water purification industry will be of interest to friends concern. In fact, this problem is simple, have different answers depending on the brand agency requirements, any industry is, shadowGreater influential brand respective requirements will be higher, lower and vice versa. Agent purifier confined to the following two conditions: the

   1, first delivery amount (payment for purchases). Each brand has a delivery capacity limit of the first, and generally do not need to deposit initial fee. First delivery amount be adjusted according to economic level Acting area. Of course, agents, distributors, wholesalers, these different levels of the first delivery volume will be different.

   2, the agents of their own strength. Responsible water purifier brand manufacturers, not blindly issuing qualified agents. Agents will generally aligned with a corresponding study. From the agents sales channels, marketing experience, economic conditions, investment funds and other aspects of assessment.

   above we can see that the agent water purifier condition is not critical but easily won the right to water purification agents, water purifiers operate good shop will need patience and insisted. Water purification agents need more learning, more practice, efforts to improve shop in the local market share.

   We have an agent, only for a year, monthly sales is now around 60,000, which is quite good results. How did he do, perhaps you will be interested. As far as I know, he just started doing this line of water purification time, every day to carry water quality testing and other small devices, to relatives and friends stopping by, they did not forget to come up with their own small device to a friends house to a water quality "big test." As a second to go, first of all relatives and friends around the water purifier will also recognize this new thing, their sales will go up, this is a small way of beginning to use comparison.

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