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缃戣喘鏈哄埗涓嶅仴鍏?鍑€姘村櫒婊よ姱閫夎喘闇€鎿︿寒鐪? width= Ms. Liu has been a very depressed, her home for two years water purifier and water dispenser want to change the core, she found the after-sales consulting, two machine should change the chip prices to catch up with her to buy a water purifier. Online buy-core fly it? Many consumers have the same problem and Liu Liu ...... With these questions, the reporter recently interviewed the persons concerned of household cleaning products, we take a look at exactly how the correct way to change water purifier .

   filter change frequency ranging from six months to more than 2-3 years

   Ms. Liu spent two years preparing to home water purifier and water dispenser for the core, respectively, to two dozen brands of after-sales service center telephone inquiry, I asked the Sharon surprised: the family that imported water purifier for the core to 1030 yuan, a full set of domestic drinking fountains for the core price to 540 yuan, both for the core product price adds up to more than 1500 yuan; and Liu had to buy imported water purifier price was more than 1900 yuan. In fact, Liu and as high as trapped in the water purifier for the core consumer price of a few. Concerned that the reason why the use of high-cost water purifier, subject to contain the core components of "filter" and the replacement time for the core prices.

   water purifier filter replacement once how long is appropriate, this reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge, he introduced the Road, as the heart of the water purifier filter needs to be changed regularly, activated carbon filters are generally short-lived, 3 months to six months, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis filter 1 to 2 years. The frequency of change and local water quality and frequency of use of water effects, generally ranging from six months to more than 2-3 years.

   of imported and domestic spread a few hundred dollars to a thousand

   high temporal frequency for the core, so that consumers can not stand, and a lot of money for the core prices, and raised her water purification the cost of using the device. Exactly how expensive the price of the filter? Ranging from several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars experts said frankly. Because different filter materials technology, price and water purification effect there will be a very big change. Early water purifier only by the ordinary non-woven fabric wrapped activated carbon filter, and now there are PP cotton, mineralization ball, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane film a variety of materials, technological advances, the price naturally lift high. Reporters rough calculations, if a water purifier for a full set of core import prices at least more than 500 yuan.

   online shopping core and even 20% cheaper than doubled

   filter net purchase price cheaper than the line to redeem more than 20%Some brands even cheaper than doubled. Water purifiers for the core spread online and offline Why so much? In this regard, the person in charge of a home appliance store in Urumqi, said the line for the core price really expensive than online, because the line for the core include not only the cost of the filter itself , also it includes labor costs, that is, the master site service fee. Currently labor costs in the highest costs for the core, not only because labor costs in mid-prices, but also from not simply for the core service personnel on-site, but also on machine maintenance; and buy online core generally do not replacement, to their own in other words, this does not need to labor costs, the price will naturally be much cheaper, but also enjoy the on-site service at no lines. Therefore, he suggested that consumers economic conditions permitting, the door for the core under the best selection line, spend money to buy peace of mind.

   appliance experts remind consumers, online filter price is very confusing, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Therefore, consumers must keep their eyes open, the best choice on the network official authorized retailer or mall or store brands flagship store to buy.

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