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  鈮?reduced water purifier machine! Time: 2019-02-20 16:34:05 water purifier is the basic filter impurities in the water, the water can filter sand, bacteria in the water are still not fully processed, most can not achieve the standard drink straight, but also greatly most of all storage-type water purifier, it is possible secondary contamination. Configuration electrolytic water purification system, but also for water electrolysis processing, enhance the water features, processing pairs beneficial, the drink directly, weak alkaline water and topical health beauty weakly acidic water. The operating principle of the water purifier is filtered through a pore size of micron film electrode, which is larger than the pore size to filter out impurities, to achieve water purification, using the principle of progressive resistive screen filter structure embodiment, the multi-stage filter concatenation inclusive , filter precision from low to high, to achieve a multi-stage filter trapped dirt assessed. Electrolytic reduction water machine can not only deal with impurities in the water, but also through the electrolysis of the calcium and magnesium ions in water electrolysis, broken down into small molecules, our bodies absorb more and better filter out bacteria, can achieve direct drinking water standards. Electrolytic reduction water machine is not in storage, no secondary pollution, and can completely remove the chlorine in the water, the electrolytic reduced water was filtered through activated carbon filter unit and the electrolysis, the reduced water produced negative electrode, a positive electrode produced acidic water. Since electrolysis reaction, a negative electrode receiving the water molecules and electrons to generate hydrogen gas and hydroxide ions into the reduced water. Classification type filter from the filter cartridge and the way to analyze, generally can be divided into: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis several microfiltration cartridge can only effectively remove large particle suspension can not be filtered out organics and dissolved solids, which typically is a PP cotton filter, activated carbon. If the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes are used as pre-filter, it can effectively block out the organics. But it should be noted that, reverse osmosis pure water production out of the water, does not contain any minerals is a. Electrolysis of water is needed to boil drinking water into the electrolysis in line with "international health" good water standards reduced water. More ergonomic than tap water demand, to achieve the role of regulating body functions, improve the sub-health. Electrolytic reduction water purifier and water difference for the electrolytic reduction water machine, usually a lot of people did not understand before, will bring home water purification equipment be confused with reduced water machine. In fact, two devices are completely different things, as long as seriouslySolution, you will know where the difference between the two? First talk about the water purification machines, now on the market many brands of water purification machines, but have only one thing in common, that is, the contaminated water clean and avoid your body is affected due to water pollution caused by. The electrolytic reduction water, contaminated water is to deal with clean up after, and then generate a wealth of active hydrogen by electrolysis, the water, the body can eliminate free radicals, simple to understand is to help your body detox and antioxidant anti. Restore Water is not just an ordinary water purifier, but one to help you and your family disease prevention and improvement of the instrument. Reducing water machine can produce five kinds of functional water, you can do other water machine can not do medical efficacy.

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