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   World Water Day, in 2018 Xiamen International Water Exhibition held in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center came to an end. Overseas exhibitors from nearly 10 countries and regions, 18 provinces and regions, a total of 182 exhibiting companies to Xiamen. Throughout the show attracted 10,484 visitors visited the exhibition. During the exhibition organizers also held the water industry in Asia Summit, China drinking water (distributors) will be the backbone of training, 2018 10 water industry standard-setting sessions. Professional "exhibition" + dry goods "would" bring a South China water industry event for exhibitors and visitors.


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   reported that the 2nd Xiamen International Water Exhibition will be held 22-24 March 2019 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center, doubling the size of the exhibition area of 鈥嬧€?0,000 square meters, is expected to 400+ exhibitors and 30,000 visitors from the audience. Resulting in the most characteristic of this exhibition will play South China Water Show, the organizers will focus on creating professional visitors center solicitation, chain display areas, high-end international conferences, online platforms such as supply and demand docking, six highlights look forward to your attention and support .



   the formation of professional visitors center 100 000 professional and offer cross-border sales agent caught

   The second session of the exhibition will offer visitors to the center of gravity, Guangdong, Jiangxi , Fujian and Jiangsu provinces nearly 100,000 sales agent invitation. Through field visits and online solicitation, solicitation and expand the radiating surface, transboundary appliance dealers, home building materials dealers caught.

   leveraging overseas resources to build the most high-end water purifier Asia Summit

   First Asian water industry Summit a complete success, the 2nd we will be adding more manufacturers to focus on overseas resources, technological innovation, brand marketing sector. Create "sea silk road" countries along with Chinas water industry summit platform.

   on the open water purification effort to build upstream and downstream industry chain platform to display

   The exhibition will fully tap the downstream business, industry segments exhibition on water purifiers, water purifiers to create an integrated industrial chain and display platform stop supply chain procurement centers.

   "exhibition" + "will" + "Festival" multi-dimensional B2B AC

   as a professional exhibition platform of clean water, in addition to the exhibition itself, over the same period we will continue to plan and introduce more professional forums and meetings toAnd continued to hold Taiwanese unique "Bo cake festival", high-quality exhibitors & buyers gathered together, so that more cooperation landing.

   build online exhibition platform

   well-built online exhibition platform for online brand display for all exhibitors, product display and booth number search function, realize exhibitors and buyers docking lines of supply and demand exhibition Mianyao appointment, buyers of high-quality information collection and a series of high-precision supporting services.

   38 domestic and international water industry associations for their support

   This exhibition outside the 18 water purification associations, 20 domestic water purification Association strongly supported. The second session will be fully set up a professional overseas sales team to build water purification international professional exhibition in Asia.

   Xiamen International Water Exhibitions first exhibition in exhibition established

   Fujian is a membrane separation applications and engineering equipment of the key procurement areas, textile, food, paper industry mainly demand for film growing Meanwhile, Fujian also gathered a group of film companies. On this basis, Xiamen International Water Exhibition organizers film integrated upstream and downstream industry resources, establishment of the Xiamen International Water Fairs first exhibition in the exhibition - Membrane Separation Technology and Application Expo.

   as the center of Xiamen to build water purification industry fair highlights six prospective

   clear conception of this exhibition, showing the international, professional, market-oriented notable features. Focus new film law "the theme, the establishment of membrane separation equipment, desalination, water treatment, membrane accessories, such as the four themed areas.


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   as the center of Xiamen to build water purification industry fair highlights six prospective

   During the exhibition, the organizers will research universities nationwide with membrane separation topics and collaborative research institutions, showcasing the latest developments in the film industry, the show floor will be investment cooperation, and promote the outstanding achievements closely integrated with industrial production film industry. As the first membrane separation industry professional exhibition in South China, Xiamen International Exhibition will focus on membrane separation become a trade exhibition, research shows, film engineering services, municipal environmental projects and promotion functions in one integrated service platform. The exhibition is to do more international, the organizers will invite research institutions focus on the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea and other membrane separation technology from developed countries, experts and business representatives to participate in this exhibition and related forums for exhibitors and visitors bring more advanced technology through ideas and cooperation opportunities abroad.

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