Plastic cups can microwave it

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   life there are many people willing to do something special convenience, often ignoring the safety and health is our common plastic cups of drinking water supplies, plastic cups can microwave it, see if there is no clear identity, knowledge library has a lot of relevant information.




Each family has a lot of glass, whether it is used or drink alcohol and coffee, but before selecting the cup, must pay attention to the question, what kind of cup to drink the most safety, if both repetitive use plastic cups to drink water every day, at the time of purchase of plastic cups, be sure to learn more about some family drinking little knowledge, so as to choose a safe and healthy plastic cups, harm to the body will be dropped lowest.


is a microwave in every household appliances, particularly convenient to use, microwave plastic cups can you, a lot of people like to drink hot milk and hot juice, if you want to use plastic cups in the microwave heating , must be vigilant, not all all plastic cups can be put in the microwave. When


recommend the use of containers for microwave ovens, and high temperature to achieve food-grade material or! Especially that ordinary plastic colored not be used to heat food, high temperature decomposition of toxic substances, and the use of plastic products Do not use the light wave function or a combination of barbecue.


As long as you look through the bottom or side of a plastic cup, will find the triangle identifier similar to the FIG. If the number is, then 5, then put in the microwave heating is no problem. Because this figure is plastic label, indicating that the properties of the plastic, the plastic products in general will have. 5, i.e., polypropylene plastic (PP), able to withstand high temperatures 200 鈩? can be heated in a microwave, but do not put in the oven.


Plastic can be only 5 in the microwave heating. "No. 5" --PP material, commonly found in milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice bottles, microwave meal and so on. Melting point up to 167 鈩? microwave can be put into a plastic material, can be reused after careful cleaning. Other types of plastic "No. 1" --PET common in mineral water bottles, soda bottles. Heat to 70 鈩?deformation, only suitable for drinks or cold drinks warm. If the loaded liquid temperature, or the heat deformation of harmful substances is also easy to melt out. Such suggestions do not re-use beverage bottles or containers used for storage by loading other items.




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