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   human community has been rapid development of science and technology has become increasingly developed. The birth of the Internet from 1968 to 2018 and now has penetrated into every corner of the world, scattered to millions of households. Especially in the last decade, the Internet storm swept through all sectors of society, the countrys economy and the world economy closely linked. High speed transmission of information, so that the distance between people is no longer out of reach. And when you want to know one thing now that people want to buy an item, the first time must go online searching and understanding. Peoples needs in a rapid turnover, is also changing the way, all beckoning the integration of resources.

   water purifier business have to advance with the times.

   era of rapid progress, water purifier enterprises in order not to be abandoned by the times, it is necessary to keep pace with the times. Popularity of the Internet, peoples shopping needs and shopping are changing the way, the water purifier business have to make a change, some of the old sales model is no longer popular with consumers of all ages. Entered an open, highly integrated business model resource platform, according to their own situation, combined with consumer needs, the era of change, to develop in line with their own marketing. Rational use of the advantages of age, to increase their own competitiveness, establish a foothold in this business.


   is no longer the lone hero of the era.

   In the economic globalization today, the global economy has become inextricably linked. Large countries, small developing between the various industries and enterprises are no longer independent of each other, but rather to promote each other, closely related. Develop such a model, one can in the development of other industries in obtaining certain development resources and experience, if not quickly get a very good development, enhance their brand competitiveness, and will not eliminated in the fierce competition in the industry out.


   Figure: OWIN integrated water purifier new conference

   and secondly, through the integration of resources, rational use of, demand for consumers, advantages and disadvantages of different enterprises complement each other learn. Let their own business with a stable development in the water industry competition. For example, different water purifier business of product development, brand marketing strategies and other related industries companies learn from each other, learn from each other, cooperate with each other, so that maximum utilization of resources.


   Figure: 123]

   under the big data era OWIN water purifier 2018 New Retail Forum [, integration and is based on the book.

   I believe we Dui big data word is no longer unfamiliar. Entered the era of big data, businesses are making reform and innovation. Water purification industry is no exception, peoples consumption demand and consumption patterns, constantly changing, some of the old sales model has failed to meet market demand. Want in the fierce competition in the water industry come to the fore, the need continues to introduce new information age Clippers riding big data and create new sales model. This is the company you want to get better development, needed to be the way to go. The integration of information collected, and then quickly spread. Case case water purification industry requires a lot of messages and internal business needs of a large number of end consumers outside the enterprise, Dui data by selecting information, analysis, evaluation, simulation, decision-making. Finally, to improve and innovate their own management, innovation to meet the enterprises own new sales model.


   FIG: light water purification system purifier luxury custom OWIN

   The water purification system of light water purifier luxury custom OWIN CEO represents Liu Xiaomei, keeping only the pace of progress of the times, the need and the actual situation itself, planned corporate business development era combine and innovate in order to allow enterprises to become bigger and more powerful in order to better help the development of the water industry, for the protection of human drinking water health and make greater contributions.

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