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   on the market, household water purification equipment, reverse osmosis water purification unit gradually get consumers. The current use of advanced membrane separation technology, reverse osmosis equipment does have significant advantages, but the disadvantages are also obvious. In view of the reverse osmosis technology future prospects, and the enterprises have already started research technology, reverse osmosis water purification equipment market is still highly anticipated.


鍙嶆笚閫忓噣姘磋澶嘇B闈㈠叡瀛樻妧鏈敾鍏虫嫇瀹藉競鍦洪亾璺?></p><p>   reverse osmosis water purification equipment AB surface coexistence technology research to broaden the market road </p><p>   public information display, the first half of 2017, domestic sales of household water purifier market an increase of 3 percent, with sales of over 50 billion. One of the most dazzling undoubtedly reverse osmosis water purifier, its market share accounted for 7 per cent increase, sales soared. On the current market situation as a whole, reverse osmosis equipment does become popular, it has become a new favorite in the field of household water purification equipment. </p><p>   is not only the equipment, accounting for reverse osmosis technology also attained the status of an absolute advantage. According to Ovid cloud network monitoring data show that the proportion of reverse osmosis technology under the first seven months of 2017, compared to online and offline have risen over the same period in 2016, the former more than 70%, which is close to 90%. It can be said, as people improve the quality of life requirements, reverse osmosis water purification equipment has outstanding advantages are become more and more families. </p><p>   What is reverse osmosis? The core of this technique is the use of a reverse osmosis membrane, in order to promote the membrane separation pressure, so that water molecules and mineral elements by a layer of ionic reverse osmosis membrane, and other substances dissolved in the water, including heavy metals, organics and bacteria It is isolated on the other side. It is understood that the effect of fluoride compared to other methods, reverse osmosis equipment is significant, advanced technology, low energy consumption. </p><p>   Many industry insiders believe that today is the most advanced reverse osmosis technology and energy-efficient separation technology, so the reverse osmosis system in recent years in the field of water treatment device is widely used. Desalination rate, low operating cost, small footprint, water stability and other reasons consumers are willing to choose, but the reverse osmosis water purification equipment is not perfect. </p><p>   First, the structure of a reverse osmosis water purification vital pumps, leakage problems may occur with improper; </p><p>   Next, the reverse osmosis membrane while reverse osmosis relies good barrier effect, but cleaning and maintenance is essential, otherwise easily lead to microbial contamination; </p><p>   Furthermore, the quality of the filter directly affects the water quality and the lifetime, the average fiber filter and activated carbon filter life is generally employed will not exceed 12 months; </p><p>   Meanwhile, many reverse osmosis membrane equipment used , poor resistance to chlorine, in the cleaning and maintenance adds inconvenience. If the factory is not equipped with disinfectant, sale and no regular treatment, the experience will inevitably unsatisfactory. </p><p>   However, due to the reverse osmosis technology itself has inherent advantages, its development potential is still to be optimistic. To solve these problems, many companies have launched a study after another, such as Haier launched film products HE-RO, A.O. Smith introduced MAX5.0, clean water source is also reverse osmosis technology level unremitting exploration. </p><p>   It is reported that reverse osmosis technology is not only popular in the field of household water purifiers, desalination is also useful in a lot. High Performance reverse osmosis membrane desalination technology is to focus on clean water sources expanded, the company independent research and development of composite reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate not only improved, but also improve the long-run stability, ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane is to broaden the scope of application of pressure . </p><p>   Industry experts have predicted that, you can see a number of master international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises reverse osmosis membrane technology

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