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   surveillance data from 2014 to 2017, the market shows that China water purifier market overall sales by 33% per year compound annual growth rate to maintain rapid expansion trend. 2018 as a whole, and thus to predict the size of the water purifier market sales will exceed 35 billion yuan.

   pushed the market growth is the main reason there are two aspects, the first is a universal health awareness, the deterioration of urban living environment and peoples pursuit of sharp conflicts generated healthy demand for quality, so that health gradually from the type of product upgrades select evolved into a necessary choice, even just to be. The second is the water purification products under the efforts of enterprises and scientific research institutions, technology continues to mature, costs have been declining, the market provides a strong foundation for large-scale expansion.


   Despite the continued surge in market space, there are many water purifiers, water purification solutions provider influx venue, but based on a healthy lifestyle and technology products water industry stocks have significant barriers to entry, the market attitude toward the new brand is very conservative and still occupy the mainstream ranks of those who have a solid business technology, brand heritage market veterans. Statistics show that the online channel, market share rankings of the top ten water purifier brand, the total market share data at about 80%; line channels, market share ranked the top ten water purifier brand, the overall market accounting data rate is as high as 95%. The new brand is difficult among the ranks of the mainstream market, such as large-scale electricity providers, appliance stores and other channels, deep regional markets, develop new channels to their form has become one of the few options for constantly enrich the water purifier market formats, covering the mainstream channels market space is kind of services can not be powerful supplement.



   Although the water purification industry is not friendly to new brands, but from 2014 - the first half of 2018, the mainstream brand rankings TOP20 (TOP10 channels both online and offline channels TOP10) still had some changes, and TOP20 ranking compared to 2014, TOP20 list in the first half of 2018, the brand new number six, which is the online channel the brand new four main, these four brands are: Philips, millet, nine positive and Honeywell; add two channels of the line brands. From the comparison of the number of new (4: 2), we see a higher market activity online sales channels, new brands are also inTrader aspects of the online channel has long been more mature performance brand players. The four upstart water purifier market in Chinas home appliance market has been very high brand influence, sales channels and are online master manipulator. After water purification products market appears positive, rapid access to new product lines, the use of strong brand appeal and skilled sales online play, made the list were in a short time results are not surprising.


   In the long run, then, the brand concentration is too high, adversely affect the development of the market for any one city, healthy metabolism between brands is very necessary. It should be said that the current water purifier market while maintaining high growth, maintain a reasonable level of iteration, relatively healthy market development.

   in the water purifier market rapid expansion in 2017, millet and take the lead among the nine positive first half TOP10,2018 online channel brands Philips and Honeywell list were, they were squeezed out of Pentair, Anzhi Star, Dalton and Trojan grace, which in addition to the security of the Star, Pentair brand from the United States, Dalton brand from Britain, uh Trojan brand from Germany, the rapid rise of the retail market in the commercial market for longer than the flame overall sales of foreign brands accounted for no small pressure.

   look over the list were four coming brand of rhythm and growth, from 2017 to the first half of 2018 ENTRY, millet and nine Yang has maintained good growth momentum in terms of market share, products for strong focus on creating sales explosion models, make full use of the advantages of channels, product sales education first, which has been repeatedly proven tactics again play its power.

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