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   water purification agents can do business, although "there is nothing," said the agency itself should have the appropriate conditions, but also in branding, marketing terminal plays an important and direct role. But the role of water purifier manufacturers is also essential, such as online brand promotion, to grasp the dynamics of the market, and with the agents, etc., are related to the line of products sold in a particular region, the brand influence the size of the market or not sustainable development. Those set aside a piece of land, overall threw agents of the manufacturers, the dealers dilemma, but also to manufacturers in exchange for ending the market dropped by short-term interests inevitable.




water purification agents selected co-manufacturers from three considerations (Photo from Internet)

   From a practical point of view the practice of many manufacturers, water purification agents as long as the preliminary investigation of the factory in place, it is not difficult to find the Achilles heel of the manufacturers where it is not hard to make the right decision to sell or not. So, what is the manufacturers can cooperate, you can go study from the following aspects.

   First, the product quality is excellent?

   examine this issue in terms of plant, equipment, raw materials, and technical staff, the reaction of consumers in a bid to plant many manufacturers are reluctant to open confidential powerhouse, to see if we can see its size, the small plant to make a good product is difficult; the number of plant raw material inventory, compare it with their peers to see who has the strength, the strength of the manufacturers of raw materials inventory, in contrast, the strength of the manufacturers of raw materials did not necessarily less inventory; determines the merits of whether the device is excellent product quality, a good brand of equipment in the industry, it is very easy to understand clearly the issues; determinants of the quality of raw product is good or bad, for raw materials market the necessary visits to be done, many manufacturers are their own raw material, raw material known what the market, which manufacturers say what their own material, but raw material manufacturers are also willing to fake, you know it is the manufacturers of raw materials easy to get understanding and support; the impact strength of technical personnel to product quality is good or bad, when more than chat with technicians to manufacturers to study, understand their business experience, to see how much factory waste waste dumps understanding of consumers can find? used person, or complaint records online searching for their product quality, understanding of the issues reflected in the different consumers.

   Second, whether brand imagePerfect? 鈥嬧€?/p>

   This is for the manufacturers is still doing pretty good, agents to understand the combination of product quality, comprehensive analysis of its brand image of gold. If it is the perfect packaging manufacturers, and consumer complaints remain high, this brand is not viable. Now many companies are honorary and honor products money can buy, and therefore, agents to objectively look at what its worth, reflecting the consumer a good product, its packaging have credibility. Whether the companys packaging reflects the concern for the interests of consumers? This is the demand on the hardware.

   In addition, the brand image is through what channels and means to show? What is it propaganda in the media? The length of the duration of the previous propaganda? Many manufacturers only beautifully designed brochures and investment information, or without too few in the media, this "brand" would have suspected tainted, but the manufacturers do to the agents to see brand is worthless, because the brand focuses on promotion.

   Third, if there is terminal sales guidance and support?

   Many water purifier manufacturers only earn a few million initial fee and sample fee agents, investment scams become naked, some Although the factory is not the starting point to investment, but they do not have the guidance of objective capacity terminal sales agents, so altogether if done well regardless of terminal sales agents, water purification agents have on the demand for products shipped, no it or leave it.

   and successful manufacturers are always very concerned about the terminal sales agents will provide staff training, market information, exchange of experience around the agents, planning and organizing promotional activities, after-sales service and other aspects of help support, give careful checks on the agencys business strategy, held a regular exchange of agents and staff training and learning, there is regional manager, director of marketing at regular visits guidance, provide strong advertising support in the development of new regional markets, let well-known brands and products online, offline sales agents for the open circuit. Without these supports manufacturers, water purification agents have to be careful. (Source: water purifier network)

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