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5G is the next generation of information communication technology, its larger capacity, more connections, lower latency characteristic of the network to the user while the ultimate experience, the kinetic energy of the injected new industrial network.


Recently, the state 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet industry, and other things defined as "new infrastructure", the Internet is driving the development trend of industrial transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, the formation of 5G and industrial integration overlay, mutual promote together, doubling the innovation trend of development. To this end, a joint Shenzhen, Shenzhen Water Group Mobile and Huawei jointly promote Honghu Water Purification work of 5G network coverage, and expand the pilot-related business applications based on the new Huawei 5G indoor digital systems LampSite, to build the citys first 5G wisdom Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shenzhen .



ground plant 5G covering speed

   The verification of a phase field test 5G wisdom water applications, by building 5G network coverage and intelligence AI video monitoring system, complete the construction of the whole area of 鈥嬧€?26 monitoring points and remote monitoring service platform, and use the 5G network for data backhaul monitoring points, so that water can be carried out promptly feature recognition and comparison of information on the target object, be a full range of security, to prevent foreign invasion.


the AI 鈥嬧€媘onitor identification water systems 5G based on

   Currently, the traditional wireless network communication can not satisfy the water control class traffic safety isolation and differentiation of the network demand. The low-latency, high-bandwidth connection and a large three characteristics 5G, and the network edge computing slice and wisdom to meet two key technologies and water management in all aspects of production, reliability and flexibility requirements of security, achieve accurate monitoring and remote management of the distribution network line segments or devices. The next stage, Shenzhen Water Group PLC remote control system will carry out a pilot based on 5G network, verify 5G meet waterworks remote control and business class demand for high-precision network time grant, remote facility operations management, improve work efficiency.

   It is understood that this project has applied for Shenzhen 5G leading demonstration projects, with the Shenzhen 5G mobile network construction matures, the ability to continue to strengthen commercial 5G, Shenzhen Mobile will help speed up the wisdom of the process water plant automation and information, Huawei joint depth cooperation with Shenzhen water Group, and gradually promote 5G at the inlet valveInternet industry linkage control, robot inspection, video surveillance and other application scenarios, to create "5G + Industrial Internet" in demonstration of the water industry, and contribute more "Deep Wisdom" and "Deep power" Shenzhen first demonstration.

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