Not long home water purifier filtmust be replaced reuse!

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   out a long time because of other reasons, some friends home water purifier long-term is not used again when the filter has been used dry, leading to a sharp decline in water yield. Before then, water purifiers aside a long time before use, you need to how to deal with?




long home water purifier to be replaced without the re-use cartridge! (Picture from the network)

   1. Flush water purifier

   is not more than three days, it is required rinse 3-5 minutes, no more than ten days, it is required more than 15 min rinsing. This role is to clean the inside residual water, otherwise the water purifier is likely to have a smell.

   2, clean outfall

   When the water purifier needs to be used again to open the discharge port, the inside of the sediment, rust removing, or clogging of the water purifier, or no water, the water smell.

   3, replace the filter

   If there is no long-term use of water purifiers, then the cartridge filter element lost function. This time it is necessary to detect water filter cartridge and replace if necessary.

   we need to note that more than a month without the use of water purifiers, filter elements will breed a lot of bacteria and mold. Therefore, before using the water purifier again, it is best to replace the purifier filters, to avoid secondary pollution.

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