Water purification industry no uniform standard bra concept

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   When the tongue-twisting series of obscure jargon microscopic purification, pleated filter complex, AO reverse osmosis technology in front of you, you will think of what kind of high-tech avant-garde products? Ranging from 598 yuan to more than 11,180 yuan price, greeted the moment they make you dumbfounded

   recently, the reporter noted that the major home appliance stores in the sea water purifier product sales counters, said:? businesses show off the concept of the avant-garde, the price span pole great that a lot of people buy water purifier confused and incomprehensible.

   concept obscure salesman smattering


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   on the 17th, reporters and a number of appliance stores in the notice: a customer walked into a home water purifier counters, sales staff will be extremely enthusiastic came up to sell, but a mouthful of jargon, so that consumers scratching their heads. Gome, a certain brand of water purifier sales staff, told reporters: This brand water purifier domestic market occupancy rate has always been first, because the use of "hydrophilic membrane", "reverse osmosis" "pure crystal technology" and other international advanced technology, when a reporter asked, "Reverse osmosis drinking machine" on the product page color difference between the two and "ultrafiltration drink straight," muttered the sales staff did not understand, but told reporters "there are color pages, you can return take your home. "

   for the consumers most concerned about "how long to replace the filter," this issue, each product sales personnel different opinions, the time span from six months to three years, a one-for-change range, but both their praise filtration system is the most advanced, the best. "All the salesmen will only recommend expensive water purifier to you, repeatedly advertised their products are the most advanced, but the good news where they could not say." Gome to buy water purifiers are people Zhou said .

   It is reported that, due to the water purification industry has no uniform national standards, many products only according to their own established standards of production, the brand concept of "breeding" phenomenon arises.

   consumer price span confused

   concept in addition to a variety of publicity so that consumers grouchy, the price of water purifiers uneven, cheap sell a few hundred yuan, expensive to be on the yuan, even if the performance is very similar to the two products, the price is due to belong to different manufacturers rather far apart. A store a water purifier dealer told reporters, even the same brand of products, due to agentsWith different dealers, the price of the transaction price may differ thousand dollars.

   on the 17th, reporters saw at Gome, all brands of water purifiers, the cheapest beauty of a home-based needs 598 yuan, while US imports marked a 11,180 yuan of the "astronomical. "In response, many consumers said" difficult to understand and accept. "

   water purifier is not a once

   played a lot of water purifier concept of "drinkable" to attract consumers. However, to remind the industry, dirty water purifier long can breed bacteria.

   Shun Hing electronics store salesman Miss Liu told reporters: water purifier need regular replacement of consumables, if not timely cleaning and water purifier for the core, the ability to adsorb water purifier harmful substances will be greatly decreased when the amount of water exceeds the rated net amount of water of the water purifier, the water of these substances are not only adsorbed, but also to release water from the filter element, so that the water purifier clean water only not achieve the effect, becomes even to secondary pollution.

   Ms. Liu also warned consumers, in general, two-core filter-type water purifier, it is necessary for the filter to be replaced within six months; three cores or more youll need to be replaced once a year and a half otherwise, it encourages the growth of bacteria. In addition, after a period of time, but also professional after-sales personnel on-site maintenance, water purifiers to remove bacteria and the appearance of the interface, etc..

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