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March 17, 2014, the results released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, my country has 280 million inhabitants use unsafe drinking water. According to another data, drinks bottled water market with its 40% market share, it has been ranked the top spot in the national beverage market. Visible, the status quo is not optimistic in our drinking water, water pollution can be seen everywhere, not only drinking water problem and reach wide, the large number involved, and safe drinking water and more affecting the people. Safe drinking water need to do self-protection, essential household water purifiers. Of course, in front of consumers, as well as water purifier brand variety, technical jargon incomprehensible abstract problem. The face of different brands, different technologies, how do we choose? There is no surefire plan of maintaining the status quo?


water quality standard entry in many part of the water purifier targeted


contains water quality standards the number of entries can be roughly classified into microorganism indicators, toxicological indicators, chemical indicators, radioactive indicators. And each contains a number of detailed indicators and targets, so the water quality standards are collectively referred to as the sub-index of many common standards, there is a segment index is not up to quality standards is not, also have an impact on human health.


is due to the possibility of a variety of quality is not up, so not sure what kind of pollution leading to the house before the quality is not up, you should not use highly targeted water purifiers, such as softening water quality, boiled, mineral processing, etc., and can handle any should choose a versatile cleaner water pollution, such as the application of RO reverse osmosis water purifier purification technology, a move to solve all the problems of water pollution.


RO reverse osmosis technology commonly used in hospital water equipment


Because few people concerned about water treatment technology, so most people know little to RO reverse osmosis technology. Referred to the RO RO, sixties developed a membrane separation technology, the principle is the raw water under high pressure through a reverse osmosis membrane, water from the solvent to the low concentration of the high concentration diffusion to achieve separation, purification, and concentrated purpose, because it direction opposite to the natural permeation, thus called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis can remove bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic matter and more than 99% of water soluble salts. The method has low operating costs, simple operation, high degree of automation, water quality and stability characteristics. And other conventional water treatment method has obvious advantages compared with widely used in water treatmentOff the industry, many hospitals are using this technology to purify water. After 50 years of development, the technology is very mature, and has stood the test of time is the best choice for home water purification.


home water purifier quality, brand, service is to protect


Of course, as a home water purifier, quality, brand, service and also buy a water purifier bound to consider the issue, which relating to the future of normal use. It is well known in the RO reverse osmosis water purifier, the brand from the United States GEW is the industry leader in the United States.


GEW is headquartered in Delaware, it inherits the GE 40 years of technical experience in water treatment, and water treatment RO concentrate on market segments through continuous innovation and development, the achievements of the GEW US water purification field share leading market position. GEW not only in strict accordance with standard design and manufacture of pure American Water Quality Association (WaterQualityAssociation), in a fully comprehensive net filter to remove chlorine, heavy metals, chemical toxins, bacteria, and viral carcinogens and other harmful substances, up to 99% force, so that water can drink up to standards, but also rigorously withstand 100,000 cycles without leakage testing, brand, quality and lead the world. As for service, the American brand has always been service-oriented products. And because RO reverse osmosis water filter needs to be monitored to detect perennial, replacement filters and other requirements, to ensure that customers of healthy drinking water, so the GEW to create a service-oriented platform for direct marketing, sales and service a combination of direct sales platform to enhance the quality of drinking water customers and consumer experience.


As peoples awareness of safe drinking water, water purifiers become family health, safe water last line of defense. In this environment, GEW from the United States for domestic customers with an easy to deal with any water quality water purifier --RO reverse osmosis water purifiers, water can reach a standard drink directly after purification, solved in one fell swoop family drinking water possible problems. In addition, as a sales, service GEW both direct sales platform, but also to provide customers with real-time after-sales service for domestic customers with one-stop solution for drinking water, much customers.


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