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   want to install home water purifier, water purification products, but the price difference why so big? Water purifier principle and basic materials are similar, but there are differences in the price of a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, then these behind the huge price difference between the hidden secret of it? the water purifier price difference there really such a big difference?

   horizontal comparison of different types of water purifier prices are significantly different

  , also known as water purification water purification, including pure water, by reverse osmosis water purification filter into the composition and structure of ultrafiltration water purifiers, water purifiers nanofiltration. Common market for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier.


   reverse osmosis water purifier is that we often hear of using RO reverse osmosis technology to produce household water purifiers, reverse osmosis technology was first applied to NASA technology, direct contact through a semi-permeable membrane the concentrated liquid pressure, resulting in the occurrence of one kind of natural and complete infiltration of the opposite filtration process. RO membrane filter pore size of 0.0001 microns, in addition to the water molecules, by the remaining substance can not ensure the safety of the effluent.

   UF water purification

   UF water purifier can purify pollutants in water, the purification process does not require power to support, without any waste. Its main function is to purification using one aperture of a few nanometers to tens of nanometers, uniform size polymeric material or cellulose acetate fibers having a filter made of a porous membrane to achieve. Such a filtration membrane can not completely filter out harmful substances in water, good water quality of water is more suitable areas.

   In summary, the biggest difference between these two functions is that the water purifier:


   1: reverse osmosis purified water purifier can achieve pure water standards, and ultrafiltration water purifiers can filtered to remove sediment and other water molecules;

   2: reverse osmosis water purification takes electricity, while waste water is generated. Ultrafiltration does not produce waste water purification, while not need power.

   price differences reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier Why so much

   on the terms of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier their prices are not comparable, because belonging to the two types of water purifiers, the price from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier, we must first distinguish between what we need to buy a water purifier, not the reverse osmosis water purificationAnd ultrafiltration water purifier to compare on price, but rather to compare these two water purifier functions, identify themselves drink pure water or mineral water to drink raw water depending on the situation.

   vertical contrast, the same type of water purifier, design and materials can affect the price differences of the water purifier

   of designs, conventional net water is generally relatively bulky, relatively heavy, and are generally used in the kitchen directly mounted on the audience, so the appearance is not very elegant. And the more high-end consumers concerned about the appearance and size, internal materials used, all of wading parts using food-grade materials are required, therefore, fully enclosed hot and cold machine and vertical multi-purpose models gradually become the mainstream market products, the price difference is also widening.

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