Water purifier investment industry arted vy critical

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   Recently, many users on the Internet Tucao own agency brand quality water purifier No, not sale, of a variety of policies to support manufacturers say no, these Tucao also resonate elsewhere many agents, have Tucao agents own brand. As can be seen from their words, these agents to join the water purifier brand is very dissatisfied. In this case, water purifier investment office, said: water purifier business choice to join must be carefully chosen manufacturers.



   First, the water purifier manufacturers mixed, is difficult to distinguish layman

   As a layman, the water purification industry for insider in fact, we do not know much, which is now known to everyone really serious water pollution, we do not worry drink tap water, hoping to drink healthy water, and use a water filter is the best way, so that the water purification industry with critical acclaim. But now, the production of water purifier manufacturers varies greatly, some very good quality, others are of poor quality, these jagged manufacturers mixed together, causing investors do not know how to choose, may choose to blindly choose some bad brands and manufacturers, and thus need to be careful.

   Second, policy support is not in place

   According to the water purifier investment do understand, although some manufacturers known at the time for agents to promote energy provide this kind of policy support and service, but very few actually put in place, most of them are false propaganda, hoping to attract more franchisees, and really be able to implement into practice is regular water purifier manufacturer . So, you want to join the agency brand water purification products, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers, high brand awareness of the product that agents, as little as possible without reference to well-known products.

   Third, the service is imperfect

   consumers buy water purifier, a large part is to buy after-sales service have both means that they encounter problems can be solved to find manufacturers, but also means that the product is quality-assured, otherwise the manufacturers can not provide after-sales service. For after-sales serviceServices of water purification products, consumers are always extra confidence. Therefore, water purifier investment do remind investors that in selecting water purifier brand manufacturers, be sure to choose a perfect after-sales service, not interested no after-sales service products and manufacturers, otherwise the consequences could be very serious.

   Now, many people feel that water purifier investment industry is a delicious piece of cake, as long as they will be able to share some delicious joined. As everyone knows, so think of too many people, leading to market confusion, so choose a water purifier to join the venture must be cautious.

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