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  Many people do not know the distinction between industrial water and drinking water, natural water and artificial water, mineral water and pure water, hard and soft water, not knowing what to drink water is more conducive to their health?



   famous medical nutrition expert Professor Li Fuxing believes that 90% of people lack water knowledge, Professor Li Fuxing said: It is now the countrys water and more blind than the illiterate.

   Many people do not know the distinction between industrial water and drinking water, natural water and artificial water, mineral water and pure water, hard and soft water, not knowing what to drink water is more conducive to their health?

   In real life, drinking water is a lot of misunderstanding, are:

   1, to boil tap water as safe and high quality drinking water

   is very important to change the drinking habits without chlorine purification of drinking water to a boil again, not safe, which long since been recognized internationally.

   The reason is that boiling water disinfection by-products contained, but most people still regard this as a safe and high quality drinking water.

   2, RO water purifier was absolutely safe

   mentioned to buy a water purifier, a little bit of understanding of the product line users are aware of currently marketed products mainly include RO water purifier net UF water purification and water are two types of different structures and principles of both, and their purification results are not the same direction.

   of RO water purifier is pure water, water purification ultrafiltration water purifier will retain most of the minerals, but a lot of people at the time of purchase will fall into a misunderstanding: RO water purifier more thorough purification, pure water is the safest.

   concept of universal water purification even in the wider first-tier cities, there are still many consumers superstition "drink pure water" healthy way.

   In this regard China Civil Engineering Society branch water supply and industrial water purification treatment depth research director Shen also said: long-term drinking pure water is not conducive to human health, the human body has an impact on the cardiovascular and skeletal development.

   One might argue that, while we clean drinking water, and then to add the right amount of mineral elements through food, what can not it? But the fact is really so simple? The answer is not.

   While the mineral content of food higher, but not high availability. Drinking waterMinerals exhibit high activity ionic state, availability of nearly 100%, but only some of the essential minerals present in the drinking water.

   want to pass comprehensive daily food supplement to these substances is not as we thought it would be simple, if long-term drinking pure water, is likely to cause nutritional imbalance.

   3, can not remove the scale of the water purifier is bad

   In fact, whether it is daily drinking, cooking or for food, mineral water contains trace minerals are preferred , which is the source of trace mineral elements of scale.

   Professor Wu Zhigang, said: "Calcium and Magnesium is not only harmless, beneficial to some extent, the body must be constant elements."

   with the promotion of calcium and magnesium on the human body bone development and growth of the important role that can stimulate the heart and cardiovascular events, activate a variety of enzymes, anti-inflammatory effect and increase resistance to infectious diseases of the body, and can reduce the liver, gallbladder, kidney stone formation.




   4, TDS water quality detection pen smaller the value, the cleaner the

   TDS is the total dissolved solids (Total dissolved solids, Acronym TDS), also known as total dissolved solids, which is measured in mg / L, which represents the milligrams of dissolved solids in a liter of water has a higher TDS values 鈥嬧€媘ean more water solutes.

   TDS test values 鈥嬧€媜f course have some significance, but the light with a TDS test data to assert that water quality is good or bad is extremely irresponsible.

   In the laboratory, a total of 106 water testing, but only one general indicator TDS, others such as turbidity, pH, total hardness, total bacteria, heavy metals and organic content determining the water quality of the same, etc. It has an irreplaceable role, only the indicators in order to ultimately obtain a comprehensive water quality rating of drinking water.

   5, one-sided emphasis on minerals in the water

   contains some mineral water because the human body needs minerals and loved by the public, but many people thought that the mineral content the higher the better, in actual fact drinking water should contain the right amount and balance of minerals, but high mineral content does not fully explain the strong vitality of water.

   On the contrary when the mineral waterBut also hazardous to human health when content exceeded, such as when the iodide content in drinking water at 0.02-0.05 mg / l, beneficial to humans, greater than 0.05 mg / liter is thrown iodine poisoning.

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