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   In recent years, environmental issues, water pollution, air pollution increasingly serious, to peoples health caused great distress, "drink a glass of healthy water" become pressing needs.

   and the current worrying drinking water quality. According to statistics, China has 25.5% of people in poor drinking water quality, nearly 28 million people drink high hardness water quality, drinking water quality high fluoride 50 million people, in addition to serious pollution of natural water and groundwater, drinking water, people are still not clean surge, water security has become a people can not be ignored, but also for the rapid rise of the water purification industry to provide development opportunities.



   Experts say the water purifier is safer than bottled water

   Currently, bottled water is still occupy the mainstream market. After several years of rapid development, up to 40% -50% annual growth of the bottled water industry has begun to show slow growth.

   In recent years, low quality inspection buckets, bottled water and secondary pollution incidents frequently hit the newspapers, has become a hot issue of concern. Due to the drinking water industry is relatively low threshold, bottles of fake black water flooding the market, it also raised consumer concerns about the safety of bottled water.

   for the problems of bottled water, home appliance industry veteran observers Liu Buchen, said: "I think the water purifier is safer than bottled water from bottled water for itself, first of all, bottled water. health indicators doubtful, bottled water market is now widespread use of inferior materials, the industry regulator is not in place; followed by water itself is not up to standard, it is not a simple filtration water; there are secondary pollution problems caused by drinking no regular cleaning pollution, the environment also has many uncertain factors. "



   to install water purifiers, safe and at ease

   do not trust tap water, bottled water there health risks, it can not take into account all the water. Then how are we to do it

   Xiao Bian here to give you a suggestion:? Now more and more families will choose to install water purifiers in the home, so that safe and secure.

   to remove most of the harmful components water purifier using physical filtration approach, capable of removing most of the harmful components in water, but also has a number of water purification PP cotton filter, granular activated carbon filter, an ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis multiple protective membrane cartridges like cartridge, after filtration of pureFresh clean water to maintain water quality, and more to ensure our water security. Let us drink, and use real fresh and healthy water.

   much lower cost than bottled water Another factor is the economic cost factors, if bottled water will be extended to aspects of domestic water, the monthly cost of water will have a very large expenses. And you will find that accumulated installed a water purifier is much lower than the cost of bottled drinking water all year round!

   Therefore, as an effective home water treatment equipment, water purifiers has been overwhelming majority consumer acceptance and recognition. It is foreseeable that, home water purifier will lead a new round of health home improvement trend, and become the mainstream trend family drinking water.

   water purifier was the explosive growth

   trust the audience to bring water purifier explosive growth. 2013-2014 water treatment industry sales were 7.2 billion yuan, 12.1 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 42.5%. Water treatment market in 2015 sales reached 7.89 million units, sales will reach 19.2 billion yuan, a huge market potential in the future, which will further reduce the share of drinking, accounted for only 10% of sales, means that China is moving from water appliances " drink "era to the" across the net "era.

   affected "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" promulgated by the state, regardless of the number of brands of water purification industry or market growth are "leaps and bounds" in the last two years. Water purifier penetration rate in developed countries are more than 70%, even 90%. In contrast, China water purifier penetration rate of less than 5% penetration rate in the first-tier cities, Shanghai 18%, 10%, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and 8.5%, showing that my countrys huge room for growth in the future water purifier market prospects attractive.

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