Year-end inventory- 2019 Three small household appliance mar

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   Aspect 1: Median cooking machine category fall cliff formula

   the category cooking machine and broken into mixer machine, line mixer, a significant decline in median broken machine.



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   According to Orville cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show, 2019 January to October total stirrer the average price fell 27.4%, the average price fell 31% broken machine.

   this year net blender jar red portable fire explosion, and lower prices, these products are most location-based social electricity providers, consumers prone to impulse purchases in some net red recommendation, but there are some stir Cup monthly sales up to 500,000 units.

   this year some of the broken machine appears spoiler, sales of low-cost machine broken into the market, broken disrupt the overall market, coupled with the severe external market environment this year, increasing online competition, price war breaks out, mainstream business strategies change the main push low-end models, thus driving down the overall average price of broken machines.

   Aspect Two: rice cookers, broken machine product innovation highlights and more

   broken machines currently on the market mainstream three technical points: Mute, free hand wash, vacuum.

   These are to address consumer pain point for consumers who use the broken machine, TOP3 pain point is nothing more than noise, cleaning trouble, fruit juice and other easily oxidized, then the mainstream consumer pain points for enterprises to design appropriate products, such as this years market sell-free hand wash blast broken machine, you can complete the liberation of the consumers hands.

   In addition to the above three points consumers, there are some weak pain points, pain points using the broken machine, such as for different ingredients, whether you can use a different speed, the market has introduced the corresponding smart models.

   Aspect Three: Change the way sellers, sellers + social live electricity supplier

   two years of explosive growth of video users, the 2018 conversion into the store Taobao live Super 65 %, while the average daily users watch 30 minutes longer.

   With the new era of e-commerce development direction of diversification, direct sellers, social electricity providers electricity supplier is becoming a new outlet, small household electrical appliances due to the free installation, small size, low price, then it becomes live and social preferred electricity supplier sellers of goods.

   For example, in 2019 years, portable mixing cups, multi-functional pot, breakfast machine, broken machines, pasta machines become the darling of small appliances in red with a cargo net.

   consumers in the social and traditional electricity providers electricity supplier shopping in different ways, the traditional electricity supplier shopping style shopping search mode, first there is a demand, then multi-channel query contrast, last orders to buy produce evaluation.

   in a social electricity supplier shopping, general non-planning needs of discovery shopping, to see others share an interest in the product, then grass, and finally the formation of impulse buying, finally, there may be driven commission under the initiative spread. Social shopping traditional electricity supplier electricity suppliers a higher conversion rate compared to shopping.

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