Water purifier business want to upgrade the opating systemo

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   China Building Materials News: Currently, household electrical appliance enterprises to enter the water purifier industry is still in the traditional mode of operation of appliances, so they do not, do not strong. Similarly, many professional water purifier enterprises to enter the industry, have begun to imitate and learn from traditional home appliance operating system and business model, the result is "do not busy market, brands do not."


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water purifier business want to upgrade the operating system to be away from the traditional home appliances and business model (Photo from Internet)

   Large differences in product attributes

   [ 123] from the perspective of consumer properties, a water purifier and appliances, belong to two completely different products. The former is a terminal device for the production of home appliances enterprises, household appliances sold out, it means the end of the chain. Household electrical appliance enterprises can "forget it" to collect the money. In addition to the occasional product quality problems, requiring repair outside, never tangled with the consumers to buy the appliances.

   The latter is a family of tools and platforms of healthy living, water purification machines for manufacturing enterprises, after water purifier sold, only the beginning of the industrial chain, then have to face a "regular basis replace the filter "and other value-added services. This time, if the water purifier business that "sold out or leave it." Then the user is clear that there is only water purifier for failure and lack of confidence.

   business model Youdao threshold

   Currently, for home appliances enterprises, accustomed to that set of "mass-produced, low-cost distribution", then that is "free service", even in recent years, a "repair kits for life", "ten free" and a series of premium services commitments. For example, a free air-conditioned terminal maintenance costs, has exceeded the sales price of an air conditioner.

   For, water purifier enterprises, into the home appliances in this mode, the result is "water purifier has not been able to achieve large-scale popularization." In contrast, consumer confidence for water purification products instead of down there. The reason is that "simple and crude," the water purifier sold out, followed by a series of regular filter replacement, on-site service, are available for a surcharge. Has been used for "free services" Chinese families and consumers, this is a difficult step in the past, "Hum."

   selling products to selling services to challenge

   In recent years, electronics companies have been identifiedKnowledge to "sell hardware", profitability and space, has been insufficient support from the sheer size and development of the entire enterprise. Especially in the last year, Internet companies by means of intelligent wave after entering the TV market, adopted a "free TV hardware or even a loss," ultimately is to profit by "TV content, massive video" way fee package.

   Clearly, it has broken through the traditional TV companies hardware profit, "value-added services free road. This is not only to bring pressure on traditional home appliances business, it also brings inspiration and reflection. Means that the entire household electrical appliance enterprises in the future intelligent process must be completed "to make money by selling hardware to software services profit" from a business model change.

   Similarly, for the water purifier business, in fact, there are many companies in the exploration business model change and, in fact, come to the forefront of the consumer electronics business. "Free water purification equipment, monthly or annual service charge of" - which means, free equipment, service charges, thus establishing a collaborative relationship with the customer depth, one-time change of consumer devices for many years sustainable consumption of services.

   existing operating system is difficult to support

   However, this water purifier for businesses, faced with a huge challenge, that is, from a professional product manufacturers, to provide system services business transformation. In fact, this is the greatest challenge currently facing the household electrical appliance enterprises: First, change the role and position of the enterprise; the second is a change of thinking and ideas of an operator; third is to change the business model and operating system companies.

   It appears from the manufacturer to change service providers, only from just two words, in fact, from the operating system business, the business model is different. Therefore, from an operational point of view, but from a business is fully turned to become another business.

   Therefore, how to change from good service expertise in manufacturing, but also face the shackles of traditional habits and attitudes from the market and consumers, it is currently placed in front of the water purifier business and household electrical appliance enterprises in the same test . For businesses, water purification, water purification industry in order to develop the first step is to break the traditional model and experience, return clean water from water purification machines, from equipment manufacturers to return to user needs, to explore one of the most suitable roads and modes.

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