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   water purifiers top ten name brand which brand is good? Take a look at the major international water purification Association named the top ten name brand water purifier is to rely on what criteria. Xiao Bian visited the President of the International Association of water purification Ruh HEYHOE; Ruh HEYHOE disclose the annual selection of the "water purifiers top ten name brand list" have very strict standards, mainly depends on the water purifier brand development history, water purification positioning and brand manufacturers worldwide sales of water purification products and research and development capabilities, as well as consumer word of mouth and other standards, and the selection committee are from the worlds leading water purification experts or scholars, in order to ensure that the selection out of ten water purifier fairness and impartiality of the big name brand, the top ten water purifier brand has a very high ranking authority in the international water purification industry, and the remaining bodies of water purifier named rankings rely on this list to make adjustments or modified from.

   2020 selected top ten water purifier brand ranked list, in addition to fresh water plus water purifiers, as well as Patio / Angel / Midea and Gree and other international traditional home appliance brands all they have selected, according to the statement: ten brand water purifier international evaluation in 2020, and increased multi-angle stand for election purifier brand, multi-faceted test, also involving major brand visibility contrast, and the actual water purification technology assessment, product quality testing, and the most important one is this: to participate in the water purifier brand development history must be over 10 years before, this would ensure the election of their products are to undergo a rigorous test of the market .



   First, water purifiers top ten name brand historic evaluation

   water purifier brand in its historic decision the status of international water purification industry.

   Second, water purifiers top ten name brand water purification capability assessment

   The current international brand water purifier water purification capacity in most traditional classical five filtering technology, which is also known as the third generation of water purification technology in water purification market.

   Finally, in the international large-scale experimental base water purifiers, water purifiers International Association for the election of a water purifierBrand rigorous testing, performance testing related to the filtration of water purification products, product safety testing and other leak-proof water, and water purifier filter life test, and so rigorous testing of 88. So if you want to know which brand water purifier water purifier to take a look at the top ten name brand.

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