Rational development and utilizaon of groundwer resources sc

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   Although 70% of the area of 鈥嬧€媡he earth is covered by water, but can be directly referenced fresh ground water has been becoming a scarce resource. At present, China is one of the national shortage of water resources and the distribution of water resources is also not uniform, also in the use of unreasonable, further increased the waste of water resources, if will take environmental and social progress of its rational use be a great contribution.


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scarce groundwater resources rational development and utilization of water resources to focus (Photo from Internet)

   scientists issued a warning: the depletion of groundwater for decades [123 ]

   US scientists recently released a new model based on the test results of warning - the worlds groundwater resources in arid areas will run out in the coming decades.

   This study shows that over the next 34 years, as many as 1.8 billion people live in groundwater areas around the world will be completely or nearly depleted due to excessive extraction of groundwater for local people life drinking and irrigation.

   which, in parts of India, southern Europe and the United States over the next few decades, will be available for human consumption of groundwater depletion. The upper reaches of the Ganges in India, southern Spain and Italy aquifer will be depleted in the years between 2040 to 2060.

   In the United States, the underground aquifers in central and southern California could dry up after 2030, underground aquifers in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico in 2050 will be the survival of years to 2070 reached the limit mining.

   In this regard, the scientists recommended that States, while control groundwater exploitation should also be actively exploring water reuse and desalination technologies, ensuring that human beings can survive on Earth.

   how rational development and utilization of water resources?

   Water is the peoples survival and the production of basic raw materials, but due to the rapid modernization and urbanization development, water supply and serious body pollution, reduce the water available, then how do we rational development and utilization of water resources it?

   At present the development and utilization of water resources of inappropriate seriously hinder the rapid development of Chinas national economy, destroyed the natural environment, but also frequent engineering accidents, such as improper water conservancy project design, mismanagement,Can cause collapse accident, can also cause soil salinization; too much or too little water seasons and areas, they often produce a variety of natural disasters; too much water is likely to cause flooding, waterlogging waterlogging; too little water is easy to form drought, salinity and other natural disasters. So to increase the amount of underground water can be water that people use to meet the needs of life and production, improve,

   At present there is still uncontrolled, irrational extraction of groundwater, which tends to affect the water level drops, reducing water quality, reduce the amount of water, land loss and other phenomena, endanger the survival of mankind, but with the advent of water treatment equipment for the development of human society has contributed to improve the water quality and water recycling rate, reduce water waste, so as to conform green environmental protection requirements, rational development and utilization of water resources. (Source: HC purification network)

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