Secret water purifier sales scam- electrolytic watfloc it is

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Not long ago, Qingdao Water Resources Group launched the "Water Open Day" activities. Qingdao is provided in the center of the Lyonnaise des Eaux water quality monitoring technology center lobby, the staff set up a special experimental zone, water electrolysis people come to visit the site, TDS testing and other experiments, some of the water purifier market Secret selling scam.


In the experiment, the electrolysis of water, electrolysis iron bar staff respectively put into a beaker filled with tap water and in pure water, a moment around the water electrolyzer beaker appeared brown floc, but with a cup of pure water and nothing happens.


It is suspected in peoples tap water has a problem, the staff again in pure water and add a spoonful of salt, after further electrolysis, also experienced a cup of brown floc.


staff, floc produced because the iron minerals and iron rods water electrolyzer chemical reaction, regardless of the water quality is good or bad, and the resulting floc is not hazardous substances .


"A lot of times, some of the water purifier sales pitch Chamber of Commerce to take this opportunity to say tap water is not standard method, so as to achieve the purpose of selling water purifier. However, long-term completely clean drinking water is not good for the body, lack of minerals will make people physical fatigue. "Qingdao Municipal public Bureau staff, the public should have a selective pure drinking water, pure water and tap water to recognize the difference between mineral water.


TDS detecting pen


is not detected metal


Today, there is a market TDS detection pen, water purifier many vendors The detecting pen measured value attributed to the metal content in the water to the water quality as a quality evaluation criteria.


"This statement is exaggerated, the TDS is the total dissolved solids, this value includes some material needed by the body of water, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other minerals, and various dissolved yin and yang-ionized water. this value reflects only the number of total dissolved solids in the water, if using this as the only criterion for judging the quality of water, is unscientific. "Lyonnaise des Eaux staff of the Center while talking into the side of the detection pen on the market a dozen dollars a bottle of mineral water, in which case the detection pen display value of 284 mg / l, "some people see the value of over a hundred are very worried about water quality problems, the mineral water is detected CurrentlyOne of the high-end mineral water market, water quality is qualified, but also the value of hundreds. "


the king of water management at the Qingdao Municipal Public Bureau Chief for the strong, in accordance with national standards, the total solids content of solubility in 1000 mg / liter of water quality is qualified.


fouling water heating


in fact, nothing to do with water quality


scale after a lot of man-made water heating worried that the same does not appear after precipitation heat pure water quality is better than tap water. in this regard, Lyonnaise des Eaux to do explanatory.


"the reason why the water is heated, some precipitation occurs, some water was heated precipitate does not occur, which is related to hardness of water, regardless of the water quality. "Staff said natural and tap water contains temporary hardness, i.e. water containing water-soluble calcium and magnesium ion content, invisible, after heated to boiling, these ions form water-insoluble calcium carbonate and insoluble in water and precipitated magnesium hydroxide, which is commonly understood scale, this is a normal phenomenon, nothing to do with the water quality is good or bad


source: Qilu Evening News


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