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   on the current consumer electronics market, a variety of water purification products Vientiane scene, this area should reflect the positive attitude of the citys water purification industry, on the other hand this innovative industry gradually mapped out on the market the little problem. For this reason, water purifier business appeal: the brand do not play house, do not play with the concept of innovation in water purification products.

   key water purifier product innovation or to reverse its inverse Agency


   With the domestic market economy, domestic water purifier to join the industrys largest market environment has changed , industry, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In recent years, water purification industry "homogenization" issue intensified, product design trend is the prevalence of plagiarism, which are a serious impediment to the normal development of water purification industry. The face of this series of bad industry phenomenon, more and more companies are beginning to think "innovation" of the problem, a new industry has become a hot word water purifiers and other home appliances industries competing discussed.

   of the water purifier enterprises, innovation is not lip service, shouting numerous slogans on the line. on the one hand. With the rapid development of society, so that peoples material and cultural living standards increase year by year, people water purification products constantly changing industry requirements, individual needs more and more obvious. On the other hand, along with the prevalence of a number of marketing tools, the inclusive fitness of consumers have gained a few large increase, "the concept of" innovation may temporarily attract consumers, but consumers are not fools, no real innovation , the enterprise is unable to retain the hearts of consumers.

   water purifier product innovation can not stay on the surface

   gene purifier industry is the traditional home appliance industry in China, which has a historical heritage. Therefore, water purifier companies do product innovation, not to subvert every turn, innovation is optimized on the basis of the original, is not completely subversive. Throughout the current water purifier market, corporate R & D department how many so-called single product innovation is shelved? How many new burdens have become hard to swallow?

   For the average water purifier business, its It does not have big business has to develop consumer funds, period, ability and strength. Therefore, companies do product innovation, it does not play concept, please do not try to fool consumers. Because consumers only when a fool for a while, but not stupid lifetime, let alone in information and communication technology is so advanced today, from the media in a similar micro-channel circle of friends-bit core of highly developedMoment.

   water purifier experts said the different water purifier product innovation and digital products, water purification product innovation first to ensure its quality. If we blindly engage in "concept" Fudge consumers could "s wisdom wrong", resulting in unnecessary corporate reputation and financial losses.

   Therefore, communication and trust between todays society purifier businesses and consumers should be more timely and effective, unless the companies want to "shot for a place", but this is not a long-term business development of the Road, nor is it an entrepreneur should have a business thinking.

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