Xianyang municipal leaders to come to his party headquarteri

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   April 10, Xianyang municipal leaders to come to his party headquarters in Shanghai-Ho-taek, attended the Xianyang City, the Yangtze River Delta investment forum. Visiting leaders are: Xianyang Party Secretary Liang Yue, deputy mayor Wang Hongbing, Development and Reform Commission Li Zhongping, director of investment Li Junying and so on. The association will participate in this enterprise, in addition to the contractor Fanghao Ze Group, as well as Chint Electric Group, CITIC Heavy Industries Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Comtec Clean Energy Group, Freight Links Group, and many other Chinese and foreign enterprises.


   meeting held under the chairmanship of Deputy Mayor Wang Hongbing, first of all present representatives of various companies introduced the development in recent years by the Secretary of Xianyang City, Li Junying. With the high-tech industry development zone in 2012 Xianyang in Shaanxi Province to upgrade to the fifth state-level high-tech zones, with the strong support of the municipal and various supporting policies, after recent years of development, more than 300 existing local businesses, in which 39 high-tech enterprises, more than 20 foreign companies. The initial formation of electronic information, energy and chemical, biological pharmacy, new materials for the pillar industry of Shaanxi Province, an important industrial base in electronics and new medicine, new materials, energy and chemical base. Park has formed a complete infrastructure, improve service organizations, liberal investment environment conducive to the development of high-tech industry investment hot spot.

   Under the guidance of the high-tech demonstration zone, driven from the surrounding counties work in the investment services business to support the boom in the development of new industries. Qindu District under the jurisdiction of the dry county leaders together also attended the Roundtable, combined with the local rich tourism resources and historical landscape style, showing good development prospects for the future of their region to business representatives here.


   as the venue of this association, the organizer, is also an important participant enterprises. Ho Chak Group executives at the meeting made a statement outlining the Groups current product features, business model to the participating leaders and business representatives. Ho Chak industrys first 24 脳 365 high-profile non-stop service model. Relying on the development of networking technology, real-time user information and products are to use state data generated model is uploaded cloud, with too intelligent real-time monitoring and early warning, but a failure to notify the user the first time, and send professional engineering personnel on-site service. Priority can do find problems, solve the problem of quality after-sales support.


   Further, Ho Chak Group in the drinking water purifier to promote shared services model, also became a successful experience to the participants do you share. At present, the model has achieved success in the business world, and is the home field of the promotion, its low-cost inputs, signing flexible features are being accepted by the larger market.

   Ho Chak Group executives speaking at the conference held at the, led to extensive discussion delegates, Xianyang City, the relevant leaders expressed the hope that Ho Chak Group is able to play a leading role in the region in the near future through a more in-depth cooperation, contribute more power for local development, seek a better future.

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