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   net kettle membrane filter is a filter net kettle, a lot of people do not understand it, Xiao Bian proposed to introduce the knowledge Okay net kettle membrane filter under a variety of problems .




water in the water through the funnel, under the influence of natural gravity, water flows from the filter slowly, during the outflow, the water in contact with the first filter element gauze, the water isolation of macromolecules. then through activated carbon, the water heterochromatic odor adsorbing particulate matter off. This is the importance of the basic principles of net kettle net kettle filter element is self-evident, then the membrane filter net kettle Okay?


ultrafiltration filter (translated into foreign languages 鈥嬧€婾ltrafiltration membrane filter) is hollow filaments made from a film, its filtration accuracy of about 0.1 m, it is divided into three different interfaces; Korean ultrafiltration filter, the one-piece ultrafiltration filter, push-ultrafiltration filter, ultrafiltration filter because high precision, so that filtered water is particularly clear, its replacement cycle is typically 10-12 months.


It is the advantage of:


1, using high-quality hollow fiber membranes made of packaging material, high packing density, large volume of water; 2, good chemical stability, acid resistant bacteria. 3, high filtration precision, filter pore size of 0.01 microns, to ensure safety of drinking water quality. 4, the product can automatically discharge, ensure water quality and a stable amount of water. 5, the filter does not require full protection liquid, easy to transport and storage. 6, interception capacity, longer product life. 7, drinking good taste, no smell, the smell. 8, pressure, good water hammer impact, the film wire maximum pressure 8 kg. 9, good hydrophilicity, strong anti-pollution, easy to fouling.


Obviously, it is a good choice. Of course, the manufacturers must be stable quality products for the job.


through these presentations, I believe you know Okay knowledge net kettle membrane filter it. You also promise that you will ask: What is the use of net kettle filter Xiao Bian find the answer in the knowledge base of small household drinking water is in the affirmative, it is safe to drink?.




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