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   water is wholesome, there is a saying called the water is the "King of hundred drugs." In a foreign website, if you quit alcohol, smoke and drink, and then thirty days even drink boiled water, then, your creativity, cognition, and heart and lung function was significantly enhanced feel.


   But now, the children daily bottle of carbonated beverages; office workers drink coffee; party drinking alcohol. Completely ignoring the water, Slovak proverb: "water is of primary importance in the world of drugs." It can ensure the bodys cells, tissues, organs and functions of activity, sustains our lifeline. Everyone day water intake to 2500 ml, but many people do not meet this standard, too much to drink beverages, wine, on human liver, heart and brain can cause damage.

   a month to drink boiled water benefits:

   in the foreign press, an article describes a 42-year-old mother of real experience. She even drink 30 days by means of boiled water, to solve the long-standing headache and indigestion. Drink plenty of water can promote metabolism, toxins from the body, reduce the incidence of obesity, improve resistance to diseases, promote blood circulation.

   to drink clean water is more important

   Data show that 90% of the countrys groundwater have suffered different degrees of pollution, of which 60% of the pollution. Relevant departments of the city 118 continuous monitoring data show that about 64% of urban groundwater heavily polluted, 33% of lightly polluted groundwater, groundwater basic clean city only 3% ...... can think of next, if you put this drink into the stomach, sick people can not do?

   Victor water purification product uses a part of the industrys top original import Dow RO membrane, with five fine filter, effectively filter out the equivalent of hair 50 millionth wire diameter of impurities and filtered water is rich in minerals, so you can drink at home, healthy and safe drinking water.

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