Quality - second quarter purifier checks pass rate of 76.7%

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   August 15, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued "briefing on the 2018 second batch of provincial product quality supervision of the situation," the bulletin said on household textiles and the second quarter of 2018, the council organization , electronic appliances, light industrial products, construction and decoration materials, agricultural production materials, machinery and security products, electrical products and materials, food and related products 8 categories 52 kinds of product quality supervision and spot checks. A total sample of 3691 batches of products, qualified 3301 batch, the average pass rate of 89.4%. Among them, in 2276 enterprises sampling batches of qualified 2167 batches, with a pass rate of 95.2%; 645 batches of samples were purchased in electronic business platform, qualified 467 batches, with a pass rate of 72.4%; 770 batches of samples were purchased in the store qualified 667 batches, pass rate of 86.6%.

   wherein the water purification products random batches of 30, 23 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 76.7%. Checks failed project specification nameplate, water flow and the total net amount of water, health and safety and water quality, four electrical performance indicators, seven batches of the product specification nameplate, water flow 1 batch of six batches the total net amount of water products, health and safety test batches of 4, 6 batches of water quality, the electrical properties of a batch of substandard products. Substandard products are trademarks nominal Saehan (SAEHAN) and nominal trademark Bouygues and other products.

   (Source: China Quality News Network)

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