Spring 2017 to set off the Shanghai International Water Exhi

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  Spring 2017 to set off the Shanghai International Water Exhibition, cited public expectations

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June 7, 2017 - 9th, AQUATECH CHINA 2017 Shanghai international water Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai national convention Center. As the water industry prestigious platform for knowledge exchange and trade, the current water exhibition will bring together domestic and foreign brands, the water treatment industry leading companies, is expected to show will reach 200,000 square meters, will have more than 3,200 exhibitors and more than 10 million viewers gathered in the exhibition site. Quan water purification industry as one of the top ten brands, will participate in this grand water show.



Since 2010, Stephen has participated in the Shanghai International Water Exhibition, exhibition previous exhibition scale are more than 300 square meters, the exhibition is a shining star. In the 2016 Shanghai International Exhibition of water, springs come mineral water purifier V8 with strong technology, innovative design to stand out in one fell swoop gains, "water purification products markets Choice Award." This exhibition, will continue to build on past spring to the great advantage of multi-session of the exhibition, at the same time show more new highlights.





to spring will bring its latest water purification products unveiled 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition of water, to the public in the spring to "create a safe and mineral water get on the water guarding public health, "the cause of outstanding achievements. For over 20 years, Stephen has always adhere to the "safe mineral water" for the brand concept, focusing on water purification technology research and development, access to 100 patents, products through the IS09600 quality certification, the State Ministry of Health permit this document, and the factory testing standards higher than the US NSF (national sanitation Foundation) standards. More noteworthy is that, spring mineral water purifiers to long-acting vortex nanofiltration membrane filter technique, the effective removal of sediment, rust, dust, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, fluorine, pesticides, heavy metal ionsWhile the child and other harmful substances, the preservation of natural water, sodium, potassium and other beneficial to human body minerals and trace elements, the guardian of public health drinking water for the public to enjoy a safe and healthy mineral water.





With this water show an opportunity to spring to the extensive advice audience participation and peer deeper understanding of user needs, and the industry outstanding enterprises to strengthen exchanges, continuous technological innovation, marketing innovation, better guard the public drinking water safety and health, improve the quality of life of the public.





spring to invite you to participate in the 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition of water, springs to visit booth to experience the spring products. I believe in your passion to drive, there will be more people to understand the spring, enjoy the spring to bring their safety and health. Passion June, we meet with you in Shanghai International Water Show, there or be square!

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