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when we buy a water purifier, many businesses will mention to you about the water industry jargon, as outsiders, we must be very familiar with this definition, mildly entertaining there is a very powerful feeling. So, for people in the water purification industry, the terminology is necessary to understand clearly, so as to better engage in water industry. .


1 water TDS value


indicating the content of total solids in water, such as: calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and the like, which are also part of solids in water, but these pairs the human body is beneficial minerals, but not large, large amount of harm to the human body is great. Stones, and other diseases is thus formed, but also easy to form the body of fibroids.


2. Activated carbon


The working principle is the principle of adsorption. The large surface area of 鈥嬧€媋ctivated carbon, the activated carbon surface area is 1 mg about 700 meters, the main function is to discoloration and odor; disadvantage is not remove bacteria and microbes, but can not effectively remove toxic water, hazardous chemicals and other contaminants; Once it while exposure to bacteria, is the best breeding ground for bacteria source, after a period of time, the adsorption function of saturation, will lose the filtering effect, not only failed to bleaching, deodorizing effect, but encourages the growth of bacteria, become a secondary source of pollution. Depending on the different filter and the source of water in the water, filter life is generally only 3-6 months.


3. PH value of


There are water-soluble alkalinity and acidity. If they are equal, the PH of the water 7, is considered to be neutral. PH of less than 7 is acidic water. Too acidic can cause equipment corrosion, discoloration and smell. Content


4. The water hardness


the concentration of other metal ions in water, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, etc., generally of iron, manganese, and zinc ions in water, very little be negligible. Usually put total concentration of calcium and magnesium is regarded as the hardness of water.


5. The suspended solids in water


suspended solids is the particle diameter above about 0.1 micron particles visible. These particles mainly by silt, protozoa, algae, bacteria, viruses, and polymerOrganic compounds, etc., are often suspended in water, turbidity of the water generated. Suspension is the main source causing turbidity, color, odor.


6. KDF


is a copper-zinc alloy, the microscopic composition of the numerous micro-cells, remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and algae inhibition KDF aspect is very effective, pollution of water effective repair. is the more environmentally friendly high-grade water supplies.


7. Brackish


Water hardness is greater than alkalinity, and containing large amounts of neutral salts, PH value is greater than 7. Our brackish water mainly in the northern and eastern coastal areas. Rural drinking brackish water population of over 3800 people. Brackish water is mainly bitter taste, difficult to direct drinking, drinking lead to gastrointestinal disorders, low immunity.

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