Six reasons to have it installed water purifier

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One reason


even if the water itself is no problem, there may be secondary pollution. Many of the city water pipe or cast iron pipe fifties and sixties, after decades of use, the inner tube rust, moss, bacteria clouds, there is a serious pollution problems.

   The second reason

   as sterilization, boil some water to drink. In fact, after boil tap water, although the bacteria are killed, but the bodies are still residual bacteria in the water, a source of heat in the body, that is medically called "induced heat and mass."

   Three reasons

   Traditional precipitate was filtered chlorination process, the chlorine with water rot melanin synthesis as chloroform, are recognized carcinogens world. Water till chloroform between 90 to 100 degrees is three to four times the raw water. Water has not been directly precipitated fish fish will die, but the fish and the large volume compared to chlorine poisoning on the human body is not immediately apparent.

   Four reasons

   national survey, bottled water Sancheng failed, which far exceeded the number of colonies group. In addition to production reasons, some of it is the reason of the tub, the tub portion inferior plastic carcinogenic. While large brand-name water production plant requirements for bottled water users is not to be confused with other manufacturers barrel barrel barrel because they are non-toxic ABS plastic to do.

   Five reasons

   Some people noticed the quality of bottled water, bottled water, regular production plant, after opening required finish within three days. But still reluctant to use bought water wash rice, vegetables, cooking or washing white clothes, water pollution can not be avoided fundamentally.

   Six reasons

   Many families precipitate water after use, so that part of the bacteria, the precipitation of impurities, but tanks, tubs will bear large scale difficult to clean, solar water heaters, heating tubes also because scale blockage seriously affect their life and safety.

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