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  Household water purifiers there is no need to install? Why install a water purifier? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 289 Published: 2018-11-6 16:58:15 home, harbor life. The tireless efforts of our lives, not just to make the harbor more warmth, your family safer, healthier you? So, it is necessary to install a home water purifier it? Why use water purifier? Because the water is about our health, I will not speak of the problem of water pollution, said now the city water supply system, water from the water plant to every household in the process, inevitably some of doping impurities, bacteria and rust and other substances, If we do not filter water, then drink the stomach body might some discomfort. In addition, water plant chlorine disinfection of water supply, likely to cause excessive residual chlorine in tap water, but also can harm the body. I believe many people have heard of such a data, household water purifiers Europe and other developed countries, the penetration rate up to 70%, while domestic household water purifiers penetration rate of around 5% only. Tap water in many countries in Europe and America has reached a standard drink straight, a lot of people in these countries still use a water filter, and why? Because they are not sure the water has not suffered secondary contamination during transportation, such as aging water pipes rust, bacteria and germs invade other safety or water purifier it. At present, urban water supply has not yet reached the standard drink straight, filtered water is not suitable for direct consumption, after heating, although the majority of bacteria and germs wiped out, but chlorine and impurities still remained in the water, but also on health threat. Word is, we can not make sure whether the water 100% safe, then we have to take preventive measures, installed a water purifier to eliminate the potential risk of domestic water, in order to enjoy a healthy life, make home more warm. So, how to choose a water purifier it? Many people say to buy a water purifier seems to have no effect, but also always problems, needless to say, it must have been one up. Because the water purifier cost of fraud is too low, resulting in a lot of influx of illegal businesses, harm the interests of consumers. Be sure to look to buy water purifier brand, a qualified water purifier brand must have its own factory, a complete production qualification, it must also be wading document. In addition, be sure to buy a water purifier to a regular store or shop, so not only quality and security, but also to after-sales service in place. And water purifier cartridge is a consumable item, rather than the standard filter parts must be fit, so buy water purifier can be traced from the channel, after replacing the filter are also a lot easier.

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