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   Today, the water purification industry is growing cake, attracted many investors stopped, the water purification industry marketing methods are endless, but the market is unpredictable, if and when conventional marketing strategy not receive when good results, it is better to try the new method, beating too resigned to inaction.




the old method of marketing to help reverse the bad water purifier company reborn (Photo from Internet)

   reverse marketing in the end is what? [123 ]

   What is reverse marketing? In fact, there are two reverse marketing. First Reverse Marketing on marketing strategy that is different from the conventional water purifier companies take marketing strategy, to achieve "Piper bounce" effect; the second is reverse marketing chain on the market, namely with respect to product sales customer development, for supply of business development.

   unconventional marketing strategies

   is due to changes in market conditions, so that in the past some routine marketing strategy has been widely adopted in the water purifier business made it difficult to achieve the best marketing results. It includes:

   1 anti-market segmentation strategy is to meet the needs of most consumers on the basis of common, the overly narrow market and opened up, in order to be able to achieve a lower scale marketing advantage prices to meet consumer demand for a larger market.

   2. Anti-pricing strategy, namely "customer pricing" way, by the customer in accordance with the quality of goods and services to decide the price, which gave good results in the hotel.

   3-season marketing strategy is to get rid of high-priced sales in merchandise sales season, a big cut processing of goods, and even posted this to sell the idea of 鈥嬧€媡he off-season is not short.

   4. Anti luxury packaging strategy, because too much emphasis on packaged goods while ignoring the quality, easy to make consumers fall short of even "fair without, foul within" feeling, and therefore refuse to buy. Enterprises to adopt anti luxury packaging strategy.

   5 surface image anyway -. "Jieduan" marketing strategy. In marketing, abandon the "potter praises, since the puff" lack of recognition of the product, a "Jieduan" marketing technique.

   6 anti-technology - answering humanity, return to nature policy, development and application of technology in bringing advanced products, new way of life and values, but also triggered a series of social problems and consumptionIssues such as predatory exploitation of resources, pollution of the environment, sales in humane weak colors, too many features designed to make sense of the complexity and inconvenience Consumer Day in consumption and the use of products - it has become an article servant, and so on. All this makes a lot of high-tech consumer products and marketing produced a reject, began to miss from the past as well as sales of traditional products in full touching a better life - for water purifier business, which is the market opportunity . When

   Supplier Development reverse thinking

   reverse marketing chain that is on the market water purifier supplier development, means that when there is no desirable suppliers, purchasers actively purchasing, self the method of creating a supply source. Each manufacturer needs such suppliers, who provide the highest quality products at the lowest price, never delay the delivery date, and the minimum requirements for an immediate response. There are two basic ways to achieve this goal. The first method is to use a systematic method to find and screen potential vendors before giving a purchase order. The second method is to require suppliers have signed contracts to improve, otherwise expose him to lose business situation. This is many US manufacturers and some mining methods.

   rapidly changing market environment, water purifier companies only have more marketing methods, seize more opportunities, it will be able to place on the market.

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