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furniture decoration as an extremely important part of the development of the industry has slowly emerge in recent years of reform, the current number of Chinese market in the furniture industry is very large, change will inevitably impact on the market mode of operation of the entire industry, static market does not exist, only to follow the market can do long-term business. What about the furniture market, industry breakthrough, the four core into a trend or inevitable.


application of new materials will be profound changes in the furniture industry


Throughout the course of development of the furniture industry, and every time a quantum leap in the furniture industry are inextricably linked with the use of new materials and process technologies. During the long years of the millennium, wood, bamboo and other plant-derived material is easy to process as the main material for making furniture, traditional furniture almost a thousand years of mostly wooden furniture; into the modern, steel and alloy materials began to enter the furniture industry, wood and steel structure the furniture began to appear, functional furniture, shape and appearance has seen many changes; followed by extensive use of polymer materials to PE, PVC, ABS, represented promote the rapid iteration of the furniture industry has brought profound changes in four areas .


The first is the large numbers of new hybrid material. Polymer materials may be used alone in furniture, may be polymerized with other objects to form a new powdered material, e.g. in combination with wood flour, rice hulls, straw, wood material born; combined with the powder, born Stone Sculpture material: combined with the fly ash, the birth of a carbon alloy material and so on. The wide variety of new materials have a variety of different physical characteristics, play an active role in the furniture manufacturing particularly in the manufacturing of special furniture for use in a special environment.


The second furniture material transitions from consumption of natural resources for green recyclable. Many new materials are modified polymer material having properties involved are recyclable, once the furniture is no longer used, can be converted into powder by crushing and re-pressed into plates, made of new furniture.


The third problem is to solve the problems of formaldehyde furniture industry for centuries, making healthy zero formaldehyde possible. Transition from solid wood furniture to furniture modern furniture mainly to MDF, wood chips MDF made from an adhesive binder resin, the adhesive resin inevitably contains formaldehyde, which formaldehyde produced by MDF furniture and decoration materials distributed in the home residents , to bring great threat to human health, a modern furniture industry marching orders noGo nightmare. The combination of wood and other powder made by the new sheet metal polymer materials, because the material does not contain formaldehyde polymer, these new materials made of sheet metal and furniture almost no formaldehyde release, to ensure the peoples health.


The fourth is to judge the merits of the standard furniture transition from material value to use value. In the wood furniture industrys unified materials, furniture features are the same, then judge the merits of the standard furniture in addition to work, is that the extent of precious wood materials, red sandalwood, pear, mahogany, beech and other valuable furniture is not only made of wood It has a practical function, but has also been given increasing the value of the function. With the new material into the field of furniture production, furniture making has more style, more features, resulting in a significant difference in terms of comfort of use, furniture consumption the main force after 90 and 00 after the purchase of furniture standards have been from the stress valuable materials into favor comfort and aesthetics.


furniture enterprises should pay attention to the use of new materials in the product, R & D focus to creative, shape, appearance, functionality and comfort to use up, will have more room for development.


ergonomics are widely used in the furniture industry


modern furniture consumption of consumer demand is "some use" to "good use" change from. All the furniture is ultimately used by people, comfort will be one of the important criteria for evaluating the merits of the furniture, especially the table category, Desks, bedding, etc. People often use furniture, its comfort requirements more stringent. Ergonomics (or so-called ergonomics) and furniture manufacturing combined with increasingly close, is through large-scale scientific experiments to solve the furniture so that people with a more comfortable, more comfortable sitting, lying down more comfortable problem.


whether residential or office furniture, furniture for one person is rarely used, but people share even one person, children grow older, the size of the furniture, the height of the demand is constantly change. Different height, weight, habits of people requires the same kind of furniture is not the same, from a specific user, simple furniture so-called engineering design like a castle in the air in general. So more and more furniture will mechanically adjustable features into furniture designs, furniture, making a suit everyones specific needs through reasonable regulation, so that each user have come to realize as tailoredGeneral comfort.


This function adjustable chairs furniture design is reflected in the more obvious, traditional furniture immobilized to transform and upgrade adjustable functionality to meet the needs in terms of comfort of the guests Engineering, will It is one of the important breakthrough furniture breaking winning.


customized to meet customer demand for furniture


With the improvement of peoples living standards, the awakening of a new generation of young peoples sense of individuality; With the extensive application of new materials, new technologies, new processes, costs and cost circulation personalized production of e-commerce sales channels increasingly short flattened, furniture decreasing. Custom furniture to meet the needs of an important breakthrough in many traditional furniture business transformation.


to meet customer demand for custom home mainly in two ways.


The first housing data is provided by the customer or the specific needs of certain furniture, artwork and design renderings issued by the furniture factory, after customer acceptance, factory customized production. Furniture material, style, texture, appearance, color can be customized separately, by means of digital color printing technology, customers can even do the required pattern or photo printed on top of furniture. Feature of this approach is custom furniture factory took almost all the work in the customization process, higher labor costs and time costs.


The second approach is the development of modular furniture. Modular furniture means that consumers like different features, specifications and colors of the basic furniture modules assembled according to their actual needs and creative freedom to adjust the style to meet the individual requirements of the different functions of different spatial furniture. Manufacturers only need to standardize the production of furniture modules and customization of the work process to the customer or assist customer.


Application of modular furniture already in the wood furniture, furniture factory several different kinds and colors of wood lattice, consumers fit connection, door panels, handles and other accessories, will be assembled into a variety of formats wooden more storage space. But the limited materials, customers still need to use a screwdriver, a hammer and other installation tools and hardware accessories to complete the installation. Heavier weight, disassembly more complicated.


intelligent furniture coming era


The traditional furniture is a fixed structure, no soul, man can only passively adapt to the de facto furniture; Modern furniture more and more integrated into the ergonomic regulatory function,People can manually adjust various indicators, making furniture more suitable for personal use; in the near future, smart chip with enhanced functionality, lower cost, more convenient data transmission, the information processing terminal to receive the increase, we can intelligent furniture foresee imminent, intelligent furniture through data collection, calculation processing, self-regulation and actively adapt to the various needs of the owner.


Imagine what the future of intelligent furniture. Future intelligent bed will generally built of carbon fiber infrared heating system, owners need before going to bed to bed early smart bed heated to a suitable temperature, and to remind the owner to bed at a fixed bedtime. Various physiological indicators of intelligent master bed during sleep monitoring blood pressure, pulse, sleep, etc., and the owner of the smart bracelet to wear during the day along with traditional data community to the doctors intelligent terminal, and the doctors care advice by phone, PC and other terminal real-time feedback to the owner.


the future of smart shelves will automatically enter information about the owner of books, reading frequency and statistical preference, by connecting the phone APP manner recommended book information to the owner. If the owner plans to set up a stick reading, bookshelf will remind the owner to read by the terminal at a fixed time.


the future of smart student desk chair just need to enter the parents of childrens height, leg length and other basic body shape information will follow ergonomic principles to automatically adjust the height of your chair and desk, and also to write according to the child, activities reading or drawing automatically adjust the tilt angle of the tabletop, appear in children forward, eyes away from the book too close, a timely reminder of the child to maintain the correct posture and other bad posture when tilted, after several reminders if children still correct posture, smart tables and chairs will be reported to parents through mobile phones and other terminals.


mechanical systems, control systems, the combination of technology and traditional furniture processing and transmission systems will produce more broad application scenarios imagination, maybe in the future we believe that modern furniture dragging a power cord is a very normal thing.

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