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   Spring in March, when the pinellia; BRIC Xiamen, Ningxinjuli.

   to the "Marine Silk Road Road 鈥?water technology to lead the United States and China 鈥?鈥?innovation and development" as the theme of "China Xiamen International Water Exhibition and sea silk road Water Safety Technology Conference (referred to as: Xiamen International Water Exhibition)" It will be held in Xiamen international Conference and Exhibition Center. Xiamen International Exhibition Organizing Committee will water all the members invite you to come to the show, purchase, join the festivities.



   Asian specialties to create water exhibition, Shanghai Silk Road countries and area businesses for their support

   The exhibition display area over 8,000 square meters, is one of the few water industrys first large-scale exhibition. High-quality exhibitors and conference held at the same Xiamen International Water Exhibition has attracted great attention of domestic and international water industry. From the United States, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines and other countries, industry associations and enterprises have to call the organizing committee, and the organization of companies to exhibitors, participants are expected this international exhibition a total of 33, countries and Taiwan regional pavilions 4. Meanwhile, the exhibition has also been organizing local business representatives from Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Fujian, Taiwan and other industry leaders Association full participation, the main scene shows the household, commercial water purification equipment, accessories , water OEM, function drinking water products, water treatment equipment, the water pump control valve industry equipment.


   The much-anticipated, national regulatory authorities and units prefix witness

   At the national universal health construction, drinking water safety is a top priority. The safety of drinking water in addition to the protection and conservation of water resources, the environment, the most important is the promotion and development of end water purifier. Survey shows that in recent years the relevant state departments and agencies are watching every moment safe drinking water. Xiamen International Water Exhibition was held in Xiamen and get the attention of national governments and agencies. By then, China International Science and Technology Association, China Quality Certification Center, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Comprehensive Test Center, Chinese Academy of household appliances and the Xiamen city government representatives will attend this exhibition, to provide guidance for the development of green water industry, and bring more welfare policy.


   Anglo-American companies to help out, AsiaChau seven countries gathered in Xiamen Talk about new trends in the water industry

   In order to further promote exchanges and cooperation between Asia water industry, will be held during the exhibition "Asias water industry Summit." The forum jointly built by China Council for the Promotion of water and air purification technology International Science and Technology Research Institute and the Xiamen International Water Exhibition Organizing Committee. The forum will invite industry representatives to South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, water purification experts from seven countries in Asia and the United States, Britain, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions to participate in the General Assembly, to share technology and market demand, witness Forum for Asia with governments, associations strategic cooperation signing ceremony; at the same time invited to the forum of senior industry experts, analytical water industry materials, techniques, technology and new trends; cross-border large coffee to join the forum, on-site water purification person to resolve a new water purification New World, from the perspective of cross-border market opportunities and provide more direction for water purification business; Finally, the Forum also invited to Haier, Midea and other business representatives on-site water purification current hot topic of conversation.


   At the same time, during the show, exhibitors will also hold a series of business promotion activities:

   Carpenter Xiamen Shi brand water Merlot (AQUAMELON ) with the century-old brand Aiken (ELKAY) - "water Melody by Aiken and commercial water purification co-branded strategic cooperation conference" will be held after the opening ceremony, witnessed the arrival of a new milestone in the water industry.

   meter giant in exchange Instrumentation Co., Ltd. The reputation of the organizers awarded the Xiamen International Water Exhibition Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

   Fujian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Exxon will hold the exhibition "State organ procurement-cum-exhibition of achievements Exxon third generation of central water purifier new conference."

   Xiamen Shang Yu Environmental Protection Company Limited will be the exhibition Shangyu Zhi Hui lifestyle and the kitchen era water system real show day, we will hold a national agency new business model signing ceremony.

   Fujian Kang Yi carry water to the exhibition on "Water Security" theme of the Forum workshops to disseminate water culture, deciphering the relationship between water and health.

   "first" organized by Taiwanese characteristics "Bo cake festival"

   Xiamen, "Bo cake" more than 300 years of history, is very unique in southern Fujians traditional festivals. To build water features Xiamen International Exhibition, The innovation committee, will hold the "First Xiamen International Water Exhibition Bo cake festival on behalf of exhibitors and quality buyers representatives come together at the show site, decided at the final super champion, the organizing committee will also each desk champion and super-champion brought awards.

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