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   electricity supplier era, when the convenience of shopping is no longer a problem when consumers turn more attention to the product after-sales service. Legendary products on the market and both are guaranteed services, online shopping can now swept the ten million, must rely on the convenience of service - home delivery, seven days no reason to return, which is the "Peoples Republic of China Consumer Protection Law "empowering consumers.

   It is seven days no reason to return this provision, protect online shoppers right to know, to choose and fair trade, improve the electricity supplier shopping experience. After years of testing, online shopping seven days no reason to return rules being extended to the line, China Consumer Association to develop a "store seven days no reason at China Consumer Association advocates the return line commitment Jiannuo management approach", the domestic water purification an industry leading brands liter quickly moving up the commitment offline shopping also enjoy seven days no reason to return.

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liters marketing director Tu Yufeng do the store at the event on the 7th no reason to return promised

   on March 15 hosted by the China Consumers Association, People organized the " 3.15-quality consumer a better life "in the World consumer Rights day theme activities, liters as the first outstanding enterprises were solemn promise: liters offline store seven days no reason to return within 7 days from products sold (including 7) , unpackaged installation, packaging intact, complete accessories, look no loss, does not affect the secondary sales of goods Jieke apply no reason to return, shopping offline enjoy the same rights online shopping.

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liter 道 Line reason to return promised

   offline shopping experience currently only seven days no reason to return the associations of the initiative, not the law, committed to participate the company relies on conscious, behind this test is not only the level of service brand, the brand is more important is to have enough confidence in the quality of their products, liters is China water purifier industry leading brands, commitment to seven days no reason to take the lead Returns are emboldened.

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   liters founded in 1992, so far, 26-year-old, is a veteran in the field of domestic high-tech water treatment company, focused on membrane development, production and application for home users , municipal users, industrial users, government and enterprise users with a full range of water purification solutions, the country has three bases in Haikou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities with 29 Direct subsidiaries, has more than prefecture-level city of nearly a thousand reseller partners, its products and services throughout the country.

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liters of whole-house central water

   Venture 26 years, liters adhere to independent innovation, has assumed the national five, five-second science and technology projects, won the national key new product certificate Hainan Province, "Science and technology Award" award and the "Chinese film industry Association of Science and technology Award" prize and other awards, one built in Haikou ultrafiltration membrane production base in the worlds largest, and gradually developed into the worlds few You can develop high-performance membrane and achieve large-scale industrial production of one ultrafiltration membrane and its components suppliers.

   For home users, liters patented membrane technology to filter sediment, colloids, etc., clean impurities while retaining beneficial minerals, and maintenance is also very worry, just on a regular basis sewage can be, it is the major electricity supplier platform sales leading water purifier brand.

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liter PVC membrane filtration principle

   in the service, liters to provide customized services for different household water purification home, 1 year warranty will be general merchandise extend the period to three years, from product selection to installation, sale, we were all very attentive and professional. The grand and solemn commitment made under the same online and offline practice seven days no reason to return, set a benchmark for the water industry, and effectively protect the interests of consumers.

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