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  For complete water purification project and want to understand water purifier project investors, often beginning has two major problems: water purification project, to do good or dealer both agents What is the difference? ? clear spring that since water purifier investment projects, or do agents. 鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊鍟嗕笌鍑€姘村櫒缁忛攢鍟嗙殑鍖哄埆锛? /></p><p>   agents and do make a big difference dealers, distributors of

   and agents entrusted by the business means to help businesses find markets even help companies sell products business and the private sector, which is a distinctive feature that does not have ownership of the product, only charge a commission.

   clear why the spring recommended that investors do agents do? Because the agent and do the distribution, the agent often have enterprise support and perfect after-sale, and distribution do is just sell products, value greater risk, risk by themselves. To clear spring, for example, now clear spring in many parts of the country have agents, a few dealers, but the development of better and faster than the dealer agents of development. In addition to policy support to have a clear spring, but also with agents more autonomy related. It is seen as an advantage or agents.

   in the cost of inputs, the agent price is not high. In general, do water purifier sales, a minimum of 20-30 from manufacturers to buy water purifier, the price of a water purifier 1000 to count, but also need 2-30000. And the year the number of potential buyers is 2-3 times, then the purchase cost of a year is about 4-90000, plus the dealer store costs and other expenses, about a year into nearly 10 million.

   and in water purification agents, in order to clear spring, for example, 100,000 municipal agency, county agent for the 50,000. As the clear springs agents, the company in addition to a discount on the price outside, but also in the investment policy also has a lot of support. Clear spring now there are eight major support: 1, strict protection of the region; 2, marketing support; 3, store planning support; 4, store presentation equipment and promotional material support; 5, advertising support; 6, technical support; 7 and efficient logistics support; 8, improve sales and after-sales service support.

   on the capital investment, the agent and made into similar distribution, but the agent has so much support, howActing do not do it? This is not clear in the spring so that all investors have to do water purification agents, just a list of comparative advantage facilitate investors make choices. For qualified investors, clear spring is recommended to do the proxy rather than distribution. For the funds are not enough and the conditions are not ripe investors, dealers early to do it anyway. Wait until the conditions have to do is the same agent.

   called to analyze specific issues, the agent with the water industry to do the distribution may be different from other industries. But as long as the industry about the benefits of distribution and agent, I believe that every investor can make the best choice.

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