Water purification equipment service issues and more urgent

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   water purification equipment market very quickly, users increased demand. But for now, water purification products on the market quite a mixed bag, user experience and so forth. Recently, the PRC, water purification equipment users online survey, in the presence of all aspects of the problem quite a bit.

   after sales service issues more than

   in the daily purchase and use of household appliances, we will encounter a variety of service problems. This time, the experience of the PRC, the investigation of water purification equipment, from the purchase, installation, maintenance, repair, four-pronged approach to the problem presented one by one.

   aspects of buying, water purification equipment "has been advised of the need for the core late", "filter every level of prices" and "whether the latter will discharge waste water" these three issues, most consumers need to take the initiative to ask, few will take the initiative to inform; the installation link, although more than 80% of users buy water purifier can be a one-time appointment is successful, but often face passive rescheduled, your installer to miss it or arbitrary charges, over three percent of surveyed users said experienced installation rescheduled; maintenance areas, factory visit rate is too low, 90% of people believe that the manufacturers may be subject to a return visit to help, 60% of people want to receive visits; in maintenance, users expect through the brand aftermarket repair, maintenance resolve once proportion of only 60%, there is a certain percentage of users need through the second, third or even several repairs to solve the problem.

   strengthen team building, problem solving service

   These pre-sales questions, not only in the water purification industry also exists in other industries. For example, in the air conditioning industry, several repairs and arbitrary charges of questions have been repeatedly consumer complaints. These issues will enable the user to decline in brand trust, brand user stickiness reduced, resulting in a variety of negative effects.

   appliance service in solving the problem, the industry is trying to give to give specifications. Drafted since 2016 "appliance extended warranty service norms", "appliance repair service standards in rural areas," and "government procurement of electrical and electronic service standards" appliance industry three GB July implementation, it is home appliance industry standards for appliances services and constraints, allowing companies to service regulations have to be found. At the same time

   given industry specification standards, companies must also solve the problem from their own departure. Especially the water industry, water purification products compared to other categories of home appliances, the userHigher viscosity of the after-sales service. Which means better service enterprises, will have a more positive image, brand influence and brand trust will be better. The face of such fierce competition market, improve service enterprises to improve their competitiveness an important part. From Yees survey we can see, pre-sales and after-sales service there are some missing, consumers in a passive position. Enterprises should increase service team building, clearly inform and make regular visits to strengthen the skills training of maintenance personnel, improve service quality and skills of the team for pre precautions.

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