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   Reporters found that in a large electronics store shopping sites and entities, currently on the market water purification products under various names, price span is quite large. In water purifiers are sold, more than ten kinds of water machine, water softener, net buckets, bottles and other net, and it is divided into the leading type, table, wall, cabinet formula and other styles, price from 20 yuan to 40,000 yuan range. Water purification products can be described as a wide range of prices from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Face are various purification products, how should consumers buy?



   a clear demand is the key

   First, the "activated carbon filter + UV germicidal "advantage

   At present, there are mainly three water purifier line art membrane technology, technical ceramic filter, activated carbon technology. "Membrane Technology" water purifier is further divided into "microfiltration", "ultrafiltration", "NF", "RO" four categories. Wherein "microfiltration", "ultrafiltration", "ceramic filter" technology, fine contaminants not filtered; and "nanofiltration", "reverse osmosis" water that can be produced, but the power consumption is serious, in particular, will the variety of essential minerals in the water filtered out. For example, the human body needs to reach 80mg daily intake of water from calcium, use the "reverse osmosis" water purifier products need to pay attention to calcium supplement.

   activated carbon adsorption technology, it is the development of the earliest and most mature water purification technology, has been widely used in domestic and international mainstream water purifier manufacturers. Of course, active carbon water purification technology on the market, the quality of their products are mixed, to the attention of the activated carbon material selected contrast, the density and area of 鈥嬧€媋dsorption indicators. Coconut shell activated carbon, developed pore structure, large surface area, adsorption properties, is a very good adsorbent material, while removing these contaminants, essential to retain body water, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Further, special treatment by the activated carbon may also remove heavy metals lead, mercury and the like.

   However, the nitrite content of water after the activated carbon adsorption increases slightly, but its content is much lower than 1mg / L predetermined state. Nitrite per person per day for drinking charcoal filtered water is only a few percent of the total intake of a normal day, totally negligible. Furthermore, activated carbon can not remove the pathogenic microorganisms in water, and ultraviolet light with a broad spectrum kill bacteria, viruses effects, and does not produce byproducts, therefore, consumers can choose activated with ultravioletCombination of water purification products.

   Second, look at health permits this document

   in accordance with the relevant provisions of the production of water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments, and each brand and each model net water is there is only a health permit batch.

   Third, is the regular brand, improve the service

   When consumers buy products to try to choose the regular manufacturers of products, while at the time of the transaction in addition to ask for formal invoice, but also require manufacturers or vendor specific issue of shelf life warranty.


   is the key to periodically replace the filter element

   is the core of the cartridge of the water purifier, purified water quality depends largely on the quality of the filter, and also determine the daily cost for future use. Water purifiers in use, be sure to regularly replace the filter element, otherwise, not only would not achieve the purifying effect, can also cause secondary pollution.

   However, reporters learned that the water purifier business for many brands on the market, to replace the filter is not quite the same, the consumer is difficult to make accurate judgments, purified water, filter change when and how change has also become a problem plagued consumers.

   for a famous brand of water purifiers customer service staff told reporters that if the water purifier is recommended PP cotton filter replacement cycle of four to six months; pre-carbon filter is 8 to 12 months; post carbon the filter is 12 to 18 months; membrane filter of 18 to 24 months; reverse osmosis filter is 18 to 24 months.

   Zhang Lan said, generally in accordance with the total amount of household water purifiers to periodically replace the filter element, if consumers can not grasp when to change, to see the product manual, the above should have clear requirements.

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