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  Water purifier filter water is really healthy? Drink water only, so it is necessary to pay attention to? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 253 Published: 2018-12-7 14:46:10 In many peoples consciousness, never to "water" as a big deal. In the absence engaged in the water industry, Xiao Bian think so, knowledge of "clean water" aspects do not understand, but after really entered this line, see a variety of diseases caused by water pollution, can not help a bit scared, glad that they even I lived to this age! First look "water purifier" Past and Present. 1870s, American scientists revealed cancer-causing problem after chlorine treatment of water to the world. After the United States became popular in the home terminal purification apparatus to purify the water depth. Thus the birth of household water purifiers. Why is that chlorine-treated water can cause cancer? Tap water through the pipeline to the residents of the home. Water is generally disinfected by chlorination and ozone, most of the water is chlorinated China. In order to prevent secondary pollution of water through the conduit during, the factory before the water is necessary to increase the amount of chlorine delivery, depending on the amount of running tap water, drinking water faucet standard chlorine content of 鈮?.05. After chlorinated water produces more than 300 kinds of disinfection by-products, wherein trichloromethane, chloro dibromomethane was listed as highly carcinogenic and neurotoxic effects and teratogenicity, these disinfection byproducts are generally referred to as "chlorine . " In order to reduce the harm of chlorine, Europe and most of the water plant had been turned into ozone disinfection (disinfection by-products as bromate), Shanghai, Beijing small portion of the water changed, but the vast majority of Chinese waterworks in the last ten years it is very difficult transformation. That, as ordinary people, how to judge their own water "excessive chlorine"? How to solve the problem "of excessive chlorine" in? First, the premise is objective about "free chlorine", do not underestimate its dangers, do not panic in the rendering business. Chlorine taste threshold is very low. In other words, we adopted the "drink" or "smell" can judge the situation of residual chlorine. Boil the water can solve most of the chlorine; boiled water "bleach smell" is very strong, it may be handled by a water purifier. Therefore, use of a water purifier is completely remove residual chlorine, comprising drinking and domestic water. Comparison in terms of chlorine, heavy metal ions and organic contamination is more colorless and odorlessIt should arouse attention. So far, the water purifier is really useful. To the family and responsible for their own health, to spend money to buy a cell phone water purifier, why not do it!

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