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   When the customer to put their gaming situation among customers is to deal as the last bargaining chip. So the sales staff to ensure customer at both steps have to face, so as to have the greatest possible deal.

   First, the price negotiations

   xx We went into the water purifier store, completely beautiful, stylish appearance attracted. Purchasing Guide is squatting in front of two was finishing goods. They came to see us across, one of the Purchasing Guide and quickly stood up, hastily said: "? Welcome xx store, how may I help you."

   We have not started to talk, she began to give us the "our domestic water pollution is very serious, you see, this is the tap water in some of the common bacterial microbes. there are recent news antibiotics trouble very much, you know?"

   us nodded, she continued, "if you need to filter out only the use of antibiotics in drinking water purification machines." she gave us that our initial stage water purifier fancy of "this is our most advanced of a net one water machine. "

   after listening to immediately throw a question to her," water purifier is easy to breed bacteria, bad care. in addition, you do not professional water purifier it. "

   she retorted listening, tone control was in place, did not make us feel uncomfortable, "I explained to you about, first of all, we do have water purifier xx years, and well-known companies and foreign joint venture in addition, you do not have to worry about nursing issues, we regularly have master-site maintenance for you, you may rest assured. If not satisfied with our service, you can also call the telephone complaints, we will help you solve the first time. "[ 123]

   we next asked price, but also completely discount the results of 3 thousand dollars, we immediately said:. "exceeded our budget, we have just seen other brands of water purifiers is not so expensive."

   "Oh, so customers have said before, they said elsewhere, this straight drinking water machine a few hundred dollars on it. we have done market research, there is indeed such a thing child. "the first lady shopping guide said he was very understanding and acceptance of our ideas, and then explain your reasons for selling their products," we are the large flow of RO membranes used, the United States is imported. You look, we the materials used are very ringHealth insurance, but also has enough security. "She has been with the companys emphasis on product selling professional, you can not make things difficult.

   but only those reasons really can not persuade us to accept the set looks almost a little-known than the other brands also expensive 1,2 that thousand water purifier.

   Finally, she said, "Well, we have recently been engaged in special promotions, I can help you apply for that next special, you see how?"

   "can $ 25 less than one hundred yuan it? "

  " Oh, this price is not enough, we have been engaged in a minimum of 3 thousand dollars it special. "

  " I really like your product, but the price we do not accept. "Listen to us that she Recommend a another price a little more expensive under the kitchen water purifiers, but the appearance does not look good, we can not accept.


   is like this products to attract consumers, the most critical is the finishing touches to the product is approved, price negotiations.

   consumers have contrasting habits and psychology, why do something so much more expensive than others? shopping guide members must give customers good answers to this question. first of all, we have to Purchasing Guide some market research to determine whether their prices are too high, or much higher, so when consumers complain too expensive, Purchasing Guide can quickly judge he complained about the intentions; secondly, to list a few compelling reasons to convince consumers it is best to divide one at 4:00 on January 23

   like the above case, Miss shopping guide has been emphasized. " ro film "" great flux, "and so on, this is unconvincing, what is ro film? consumers do not understand, but do not know how much it cost, large flux, what is the concept? Why you did not say quite understand. If you like this statement on Miss shopping guide together, "water purifier is one of the most central part ro film, the quality of the film determines the water quality directly affect human health. We use the worlds leading membrane technology. "" You see the other brands of 50 gallons of water purifier, then 1L of water to almost 8 minutes, but we have 75 gallons of the machine, then 1L of water it takes only about 5 minutes. "Language easily understood by consumers, would not it be better?

   In general, there are reasons for expensive products raw materials, quality, workmanship, design, culture as well as additionalValue, etc., you can extract what is it? What is the best to convince consumers? Purchasing Guide refine usually must pay attention to these things, not passively bargain with customers, the kind you cut 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan I concede the way, is the most low-end price negotiation skills.

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