Water purification companies have entirely different layout

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鍑€姘翠紒涓氱悍绾峰竷灞€ 涓夊ぇ闃佃惀娉炬腑鍒嗘槑

   Data show that, at this stage of the water purifier China market capacity has reached 50% annual growth. Is expected to 2019, the national penetration rate of home water purifier market will reach 20% to 30%, with a volume of about 100 million families, with an average annual growth rate will reach 30%.

   water purifier is about to usher in the explosive growth in the major appliance business layout which also granted. It is understood that the entire water purification industry is divided into "three camps." Wherein the first camp, mainly by annual shipments amounted to more than $ 900 million enterprise consisting of annual billings second camp is maintained at between from 100 million to 500 million yuan, the third camp to the threshold of 50 million yuan between 100 million yuan, 50 million can also be called large-scale domestic enterprises watershed clean water.

   in terms of brand new, in the case of 2015, companies seek to enter the water industry is different. In 2016, only a few enterprises to enter the kitchen and water purification industry, and most enterprises are a product of two auxiliary kitchen products sales.

   With the brand new entrants have entered the entire water purification industry, there have been good and bad brand, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and many other issues. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 water purifier company has more than 4500, the lack of technological innovation is the entire water industrys hiding something. From 2010 to 2015, different types of technology trends in higher product prices are in. Among them, the fastest growth rate of the reverse osmosis products, low-end homogenization of products getting smaller and smaller living space.


鍑€姘翠紒涓氱悍绾峰竷灞€ 涓夊ぇ闃佃惀娉炬腑鍒嗘槑

   water purifier enter the Chinese market is not short of time, it can be due to the lack of a unified industry standard for management, plus water purification products, "semi-finished products, low-tech" of the property , resulting in the entry threshold is very low, and for a large number of formal, non-formal brand influx, but also easy for consumers to lose confidence in the industry.

   "The industry has not yet accepted the first round of reshuffle, the extent of cohabitation can be imagined." Industry is still in the stage of the outbreak, the next will certainly usher in a reshuffle, so companies only seek differences development to ensure that will not be eliminated.

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